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Sereen Eng: Posh! at Malaysia

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” yes the super hit song of Kelly Clarkson you’d say. Many of us relate our lives to songs, but some lyrics when felt at heart, reflect our life stories. And here comes these words from Ms Sereen Eng from Malaysia. Let’s know her story from being unknown to joy, to being overwhelmed with happiness and success.

Five years back, after graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor degree majoring in Marketing and Business Law she was confident about running a business with the knowledge and wisdom she had acquired. Although Sereen was aware of her love for doing business, she had no idea or direction of where her goal lied. On observing the markets and people around, she realised that manicure and pedicure was a growing trend.

“I knew there will be profit potential in the nail business and with the power of manifesting, I came across an opportunity to own a nail salon. I took up the challenge and the rest is history,” she recalls.

At Posh!, they promote a family atmosphere amongst the employees where Sereen works alongside all her staffs. As experienced by many, it’s a challenge to get good staff that will stay with the company.
Sereen Eng, Malaysia
“I am really big on education and self-development. I encourage my staffs to excel and continuously stay motivated about their career. I often conduct small talks with them to ensure their direction is clear. I make them set goals and work towards achieving it,” mentions Sereen.

I reckon because manicure and pedicure is seen as an accessible and affordable luxury in today’s economy. Women want to go to the saloon and get away from the problems of the world.

“I do not want my nail technicians to stay as what they are. I empower them to grow with the company, I want them to excel and carry my brand name to the next level,” she mentions. For this reason, they also have at least two trainings in a year to keep everyone up to date on trends and expertise in the industry.

“I started my business with one staff and a room size saloon with two chairs only,” she says with a smile that depicts pride.

However, as she had no knowledge about nails at all, It was difficult hiring the right staff because if this fact came to their knowledge, they might take advantage of Sereen’s dependence. Soon realizing her need to personally get involved into gaining skills, she spent 3 months on intensive training and crash courses. “Today I have 16 staffs, two nail spas with a total of 12 pedi stations, 6 mani stations and 4 rooms for waxing and eyelash services. Recently, we have also introduced a workshop to educate people on the basic and importance of proper manicure and pedicure,” says Sereen, known as the Nail Care Expert in the nail industry in Malaysia.

For the women who believe in self-love and pampering just as Sereen, she has made a place for all of them. “Women love to be and live the way they want and beauty just adds to it! Hence we at Posh! Make sure they fall in love with their life all over again on every visit,” she says.

“As we maintain our high service level, be it customer service, hospitality or skills helps us getting trust from clients and retain their preference. I really enjoy my profession because I can always make them leave with a smile and a new attitude. Making my clients happy and changing their day from bad to good or from good to great makes it all worth it,” - this is what makes Sereen live a happy dream of hers every day.

Sereen saw her future in the event management field as she always wondered and endorsed on the creativity of the event managers who turned the empty ballrooms into extravagant event venue. Unfortunately, that didn't happen to be her field of work but she is grateful for the experiences she got by working at an event management company in her school days, as she now gets to apply them into her business and organising nail parties. She has customers who’d book Posh! to throw pampering party for a birthday or other such occasions where she gets to use her skills of event management.

She was invited to give a presentation at the Microfinance Institute of Vietnam to provide employment for their people in the nail industry in Malaysia. Parkson that has 36 outlets across Malaysia also approached Sereen to open up counters and offer nail services. This surely was a moment to be lived for her as it is an express counter in the mall offering the basic nail care and home care retail kits to women on the go and with this she will be able to reach out to a larger audience very soon. Recently she was nominated for the 2015 People’s Choice Award which will be judged by all the top Enterpreneurs in Malaysia.  “Whether I will win or not, I am honored to be part of this award because it means my work so far is being recognised,” says this hardworking lady who wants to make her parents and family proud of her.

“Whenever I look back at how far I’ve come, I feel amazed for I now realize how determined I really was,” says Sereen Eng.

She is known for managing time in personal and professional life. She finds herself lucky to have a very understanding and supportive husband on whom she relies for all her difficulties and while going through challenging phases. She also is always grateful to the group of inspiring friends with whom she discusses new ideas and always comes out with beautiful ways with their help.
To her, the thought of being in a business of pampering is both rewarding and exciting. But one day she got a remark from a client saying, “Hey, you are a graduate with bachelor degree and you’re here to wash feet? What a waste!” This remark probed her and she started thinking of changing the perception of the job of a manicurist. “I then started to speak up, I share with everyone I meet, on the great things about being a manicurist. It is therapeutic for me to see clients so pleased about how they spent their time and money. When a customer really appreciates your work, you know that no one but you has created that result. I am glad I didn’t give up.”

In the next five years, Sereen wants to establish School of Nails by Posh! to offer courses on advanced techniques and industry know how. Also, they will introduce the mobile nail care concept where women can work flexible hours and earn a professional income. “In future, I hope to achieve at least 10 outlets in the Klang Valley,” she says.

 “With all the competitors mushrooming around me, through the power of Personal Branding, I have created a unique branding for myself and my company. It helps me to cut through all the marketing noise and stand out from the competition,” says Sereen.

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