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Wong Yu Jin: Wellness Guru from Malaysia

Did you ever notice on what and how you eat? Did you have paltry breakfast as you were getting late for work? Did you miss having your lunch as you had other important things on list? Did you eat plenty for dinner as you were starving whole day? Many Asians would have ‘Yes’ as an answer to these questions. Let's hear the truth and try digesting it for good health.

“Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Most Asians do it the other way around,” says Wong Yu Jin a renowned name that connects with Heath, Wellness and Fitness.

Yu Jin is a double degree holder majoring in Law and Commerce. Upon graduation, he went on to practice Law in Malacca but his hunger for challenge landed him in the world of investment banking where stress levels were at all-time high.

Yu Jin’s father was a sportsman, who played state level hockey and was the president of the squash association of Melaka. He always encouraged Yu Jin to be active in life and also enrolled him in various classes including squash, tennis, golf and martial arts. “When we had time, we would go cycle and play football together. I think he has been my biggest inspiration inclining me towards fitness,” says Wong Yu Jin, a renowned wellness guru of Malaysia.
Wong Yu Jin
“I always look out for intrinsic motivation instead of extrinsic ones. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It is something that a person wants based on their values and upbringing. I link that value with being conscious of their health,” he says.

Yu Jin’s initial plan was to become a high flying corporate banker or lawyer, but one fine day at work everything changed when he witnessed a senior manager suffering a heart attack, and that day his eyes were introduced to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. “Without health, one has nothing. All the money, success, expensive suits and cars in the world wouldn’t make a difference!”

Yu Jin’s father was the state president, hence he got trained since a tender age of 11 years. However, the scene was very different at that time, with hardly any support from the government. “My dad forked out his own money to book courts, trained a group of young kids, and sent them to national level competitions. We managed to win a bronze medal in SUKMA or Sukan Malaysia. That’s where I realized anything is possible as long as one is focussed. I helped others to get into the sport and also trained them on fitness,” he narrates.

According to Wong Yu Jin, becoming healthy is a form of art - we need to figure out how to artfully combine our usual demands of life with a healthy lifestyle. It can be fused together, but just like music, it takes a bit of experimentation and a fair bit of determination to be good at it.

He is very active in street workout or calisthenics, where he challenges his body to perform bodyweight moves like handstands, bar workouts and gymnastic moves. “I can perform every part of my life with full conviction because it all stems from an indomitable core – to live and promote a healthy lifestyle,” he says.  In some years of training people towards healthy living, Yu Jin found that most people understood the method, but their minds blocked them from succeeding. He thought that hypnotherapy was a great way to help them find their inner fears, worries and anxiety and eradicate them. Hence he is now a Hypnotherapist too.
He then shared some of his memorable moments saying, “The shocking encounter that seemed next to impossible was when I saw 3,500 individuals had arrived in suits, ties, skirts and high heels for training in a convention in Genting Highlands. However, I decided to trudge on with my plan and gave them a motivational speech beforehand. Every single person in the hall kicked off their shoes, took off their suits and followed my every move!” he smiles. Yu Jin then recalls another incident that is very close to his heart. It was when he trained a group of sweepers, garbage collectors and cleaners who didn’t know to read and write, but Yu Jin communicated with them in simple languages and focus on experiential learning. “I was touched when quite a number of them came up to me at the end and told me this is the best class they have ever attended in their lives,” smiles Yu Jin, who has taken up the charge for fitness and healthy living.

With a highly successful career and the best health in hands now Yu Jin aims to complete the book he has been writing from the last 2 years. “This book is a compilation of the most frequent questions people ask me and written in a very simple conversational language,” he narrates. He also wants to inspire more people by conducting a large scale motivational program in 2015.

“You can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself. The formula for success is simple. Get started, believe in yourself and never quit. Amazing transformation can happen if you just stick to these three basic principles in every part of your life. Get started today!” are the motivating words of Yu Jin.

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