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A journey from Princess to Queen (wife)

Being brought up with lot of care,
Where even little tremble would mean not to bear;
Making you feel that, they are there:
Because you are a priceless gem for parents to wear.

Love and care were showered everywhere,
They never left sadness to pop up anywhere,
To make sure that tears won't sight up here and there,
As, she was as delicate as a flower to be taken care.
A journey from Princess to Queen (wife),love,care
Where, in the journey from princess to queen somewhere,
Life drifts her to nowhere,
As she starts sacrificing everywhere,
Just to scale up the parents' reputation from there.

Where tears are assumed to be from onion chopping ware,
And a holiday would mean to cook with help of kitchen ware,
Taking rest would be like amidst the fortnight, if lucky somewhere:
Because now she is remembered just as a wife who has to take care.

Amidst all these responsibilities, she loses the identity of “girl” everywhere,
And locks up her dreams and throws the key somewhere,
As, she has to concentrate elsewhere,
Because she is now identified as a Queen and not a princess anywhere.

In a life when a tag adds up from “daughter”- “in law” somewhere,
A girl starts her new life from there,
Just with the belief that her husband would stand by her everywhere,
Who would understand and respect all her sacrifices till date,
And help her find the key, to open the locked dreams that she had left somewhere. :)

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