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The Journey

Life begins with a feeble cry,
amidst the smiles and happiness of people by,
There begins a new journey
A journey of self discovery
A journey filled with baggage of emotions
A new path to be discovered or is it an old path to be discovered by a new one.
The Journey, happiness
There is crawling and falling
The steps we take
The words we share
The cry we use to demand and the smiles we use to attract.
The journey pushes on finding a lot, learning a few and trying always something new

The paths we tread to achieve something great, are not always straight
Some though hard like stone yet a few soft like feathers
We fear to face the night sky failing to notice the sparkling stars that lighten us for a while.
Yet the journey continues

Harder as it gets older
Everyday a new promise to keep
A new bridge to mend
A new song to sing
Life takes toil, body begins to bend
Yet the heart stays awake.
The journey of life is incomplete

Questions everywhere... somewhere something is missing... and no one knows why
Suddenly one day when the heart sleeps forever
Everything is left behind
While the soul begins its journey towards eternity
For one's journey is endless
And no one knows why?

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