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The Revivalist

Population is decreasing and worries are increasing
Thinking that success is found in urban areas only
Unknown to them it’s found everywhere
Deserting the best for the worst
Not knowing that Rome was not built in a night
Increasing the percentage of anarchy and chaos

Our farms and husbandries are valueless
As the able bodied men are in scarcity
Our heritage is ruining down
The future of our children is at risk
For our forest has been tampered with selfish aliens
In their pursuit of wood and coal
the revivalist,lessons,values
The women can no longer bear the burden
Of loneliness, helplessness and hopelessness
Our children are in servitude with old men and women
Our bantaba’s has now been buried
Our moral ethical codes are degrading
The voices of the wise old men are no longer heard

Our swamps and tributaries are less productive
The collective pounding of women are rarely seen
The call for revitalization is alarming
Should we sit down and lose our values?
This precious black culture turns to be priceless
For we exchange it to the white ones

What has 21st century brought for us?
The days of the old is no longer sighted
Our young leaves are no longer answerable to the old
Our rural masses are no longer in co-operation
Our youth is no more competing in the seasonal wrestling
The women are no longer having bumper harvest

Life is not as smooth as it was yesterday
The old harvests are no longer giving way to new ones
Moral lessons are no longer conducted during dark hours
Our old wise women are no more narrating stories of the old
Should we forsake our roots for the ruthless?
Is this we call civilization?

The fragrance of our wise men is no longer smelled
Our old traditional Alkalos are no longer heard
Our this precious culture is showing her back to us
The revivalists are regarded as the uncivilized ones
The love for western cultures is prevailing over our ancestors
Oh Africa, when shall we cherish our roots?

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