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'Golden Lines Of Inspiration' - The Most Inspiring Lines From Different Counselors at i3

Each counsellor at the i3 platform has an amazingly inspiring experience, an inspiring story! But, there is that one "LINE" they share from their most important lesson they have learnt from their life, which I have shared in this writing.

It's been 7 conferences now since I have joined i3, and each conference I got a chance to take away number of inspirational stories, but still there were some lines from each counsellor , which made a difference at my workplace. Whatever project I was executing, those lines, each one of them kept me moving and coming up with great solutions. They speak out those beautiful bunch of words which made us shake right there, and I am listing out those GOLDEN LINES by each counselor which make them OUTSTANDING!
1) Sir Chris Arnold, Founder of World Merit, Camp Leaders said "It's very important for us in life to understand our teachers", as Mrs Mary Wilson was the teacher who inspired him to start writing, and hence raising his thoughts to become an entrepreneur AND to NEVER STOP when faced with problems!"

2) Mr. Chetan Yellapurkar Sir, CEO, Adventor & Mark Your Trails said "Life is all about living the moment!" , "Life is always on the edge, to push you towards success" , "Winner can be only one, but 'Successful', everyone can be!", "Life's worth is one breath!" - Are some beautiful lines from the founder of Adventor.

3) Mr. Kunal N Taswala sir, Senior Mentor at i3, was just more than amazing , when he said "Adversity is mother of leadership!" and it was the most wanted lesson to be adopted in one's life. "Never give up", "Face the challenges, and one day God will get tired challenging you!" 

4) Mrs. Shruti Balasa Ma'am, Operations Head at Pluwis Web Solutions said "Never limit yourself, set your own standards, and each time beat your own records!" - is just the epicness of hard work! 

5) Mr. Bharath G C Sir, Senior Mentor at i3, was very very inspiring! Facing two massive failures of his life, exploring opportunities in life, turns out be a great mentor, speaker, marketing head at i3, said the most important thing “Be an eternal optimist”, yes this works whenever you have plans! JUST #BeingEternalOptimist!

6) Mrs. Sneha Chandrashekhar Ma'am, CEO, Black n White Tech Writing Solutions, a great lady I have seen, who stood bold for all the challenges of her life, says “Dream your own dream” , “Creating our own visions”!

7) Mr. Ashish Vaidya Sir, SSE at Amazon, is one amazing person, my role model and the most inspiring lines which got printed in my brain - "We all are same, it's our efforts which makes the difference", "Do it myself" , "Be a multi-talented person, when you have chance to do more than your limits"

And still more to come... But, I am very sure these are the golden lines which will surely make a difference in our lives, and these lines make each counsellor a unique inspirational model for everyone!

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Chethan S Hugar
Chethan S Hugar is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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