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The Positive Side of Faliure

Very often, most of the individuals consider that a single failure is an end towards their journey by just giving up. As a matter of fact, the word “failure” or “unsuccessful” are just the one side of the coin, where we consider only this side and ignore the other side.
Now here raises the question; “why people take failure as a repulsive force towards success”? Why can’t they assume it in another way that they somewhere lack in their dedication and commitment towards their desired goal and there’s always a ray of hope to conquer our failure. A failure shouldn’t be considered as a barrier towards success, rather one should realize the true virtue of it, that there always lies an opportunity in every failure.

On scrutinizing, Thomas Edison we come to know that he also failed 999 times in inventing the bulb but he didn’t consider his failure as an end of his invention. Instead, he stated himself that he had learnt 999 times how not to invent a bulb. By his +ve attitude of gesturing the failure as a success he was able to invent the bulb the 1000th time. Same positivity we should also imply towards achieving our goals.

Every great achievement is achieved slowly, so we should work towards our goal by holding patience within one self so as to reach the desired destination.

And therefore, the word failure itself defines its positivity as:

  • F – Follow your passion.
  • A – Accept your mistakes.
  • I – Implement learning from mistakes.
  • L – Learn to conquer.
  • U – Urge for success.
  • R – Repeat.
  • E – Excel yourself.
So, failure teaches us the right way to climb the ladder of success. One should accept and analyze their mistakes so as to have a better understanding of it so that they can do better next time. Perhaps, when you have the capability to understand that your failure is a stepping stone towards your success it therefore electrifies your commitment and dedication and the way of thinking in a new sense. That’s when you excel yourself more passionately to achieve your goal in an effective and efficient manner.

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