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You don't 'FAIL'!

Life is a mixture of ups and downs, isn’t it? We come across variety of situations where we regret not having a prior knowledge of what we want to do or wanted to do. This, in turn makes us waste a lot of time regretting over the past actions and wondering about the future. Finally, we end up losing self-confidence of accomplishing our dreams which all happens due to the very first step we take and we end up assuming ourselves a failure in reaching our dreams!

Thomas Alva Edison’s teacher once said that he was too stupid to learn anything! He was fired from his first two jobs for being non-productive. In spite of the situations undergone, Edison worked on the invention of a bulb with ‘1000’ steps which implies the right result never came up on 1000 times of his attempt! But today, the entire world depends on the ‘invention with 1000 steps’, the light bulb! This is where we need to realize the most important lesson of life that we should never assume ourselves a failure.
None in the world is perfect as we always know. But we always see the brightest side of achievers rather than seeing the dark side which brought them there hence ending up comparing ourselves to them and blaming ourselves that we are not as great as them. We never try seeing the efforts behind which brought them there. We need to know the truth of life that ‘it never gets easier, but it gets interesting’ as far as you are working on your dreams with the learning from your failure. Here, I would like to mention the positivity you must have, to work on what you want which in turn implies the positive set of people who you got to be with!

When do we realize that every achiever has a darker side which would have brought him there? When do we realize that we do not fail in what we want to do? The answer is simple! All you need is a set of positive people who you be with and whom you get influenced by. This enhances the rate of growth in you which might also reduce the number of downs you undergo to work on your dreams! As mentioned earlier, sometimes, no prior knowledge leads to the feeling of being a failure in what you do. But what if there are positive people around who listen to your ideas, support it and share their knowledge on your idea? You get a clearer idea of what you do. The best part being you do not assume that you fail in spite of the downs you face!

When you are feeling low, all you have to think of is the people who have achieved a lot more and have had darker sides in doing what they wanted to do, the trust with which you were suggested various ideas on your growth and most importantly, imagining of a day you achieve and sharing with the people how your darker side made you grow! Your history and achievement is the story of bouncing back to become an achiever when you were hit hard by the situations! Knowing that you are an amazing and unique individual, work with the resources you have and not letting the dark side of you go down is what makes you an achiever and proves you are never a failure! I would like thank my mentors who were the positive set of people inspiring and influencing me, because of whom I could overcome those situations where I never felt the worth of myself. This is where I am leading a positive life because of them. This is what life is! It pulls you down and the game is if you are capable of climbing up which you definitely can! The greatest weakness lies in giving up. The person who gives up is the one who fails. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time which means,’ YOU DON’T FAIL!’

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Keerthana MR
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