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The Global Innovation Leaders 2016 - be a part of this exclusive community of innovation executives

Overcoming the barriers to becoming truly innovative is a key aspect in setting your business apart from the pack, and is likely to require new ways of building and refining innovative practices into the strategic and operational management of your global operations. Positing the idea of ‘innovation’ into the minds of employees and creating opportunities for productive collaboration that go beyond the traditional functional and organizational boundaries is also a key piece to this process. The most successful corporations are the ones that have gone the furthest in seeking to foster a creative culture and built a formalized system of innovation management.

The Global Innovation Leaders 2016 is designed to provide innovation leaders unrivaled access to peers from across the globe, and encourage participants to discuss the current challenges and explore the ideas shaping tomorrow’s global business landscape. The interactive, fresh and content driven format is specifically designed for leaders, visionaries and decision makers across all industries. Strengthen your global network and form lasting relationships with other innovative and inspiring leaders.
The Global Innovation Leaders 2016

Who Should Attend:

  • CEOs, COOs, MDs & Chief Innovation Officers
  • EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Directors & Heads of Innovation, Open Innovation, Businesses Strategy, New Technologies & Information & Design

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