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SIJE 2016 for Jewelry enthusiasts this July in Singapore

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) will open its doors once again to a loyal following of jewelry enthusiasts, buyers and collectors at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Centre from July 21 to 24, 2016. In total, some 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries will showcase their creations to a growing number of high net worth buyers from Singapore, ASEAN and beyond at a show which spans 8,000 square meters.
SIJE has earned the industry’s recognition and support as an excellent international extravaganza, showcasing the best in jewelry and design from around the world. This is testimony to the fact that many in the industry here and around the world recognize Singapore as an important destination for fine jewelry, making the republic a one-stop destination for buyers and traders. With 600 million consumers in the ASEAN Economic Community, Singapore is an exciting and vibrant hub for shoppers and holiday makers in the region.

SIJE presents some of the most stunning collections from Singapore-based and internationally renowned jewelers from United States to South Africa, from Europe to Hong Kong and from India to Australia. Overseas exhibitors form two-thirds of the total exhibitors. Hong Kong, the hub of jewelry in Asia, India the birthplace of some of the most talented craftsman, Sri Lanka famous as a gem bearing country and Italy, world renowned for its jewelry craftsmanship and design, form some of the largest country contingents of jewelers.

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