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Babita Jaishankar - Bold, Bald and Beautiful : Find the New YOU

A lot of us, especially women tend to think a hundred times even before we have a haircut and wait for it grow fast. I was astonished to see this beautiful woman - Babita Jaishankar whose business runs on appearance, shred her hair and went bald! Read on to know why.
Babita Jaishankar
Meet Babita Jaishankar, Fashion designer, Image Consultant expert, CEO&Founder of WSol fashion & Image makeovers Pvt Ltd . Babita's experience in the industry has been vast, from consulting individuals to corporates on what to wear, how to hairdo, what colour of clothes suit their personality and many more. She is also a relationship coach.

Having closely worked with cancer patients, she always wanted to let them know that they are still beautiful irrespective of how they look, but this was not the only reason for her to take the decision of shaving her head she says. For someone like Babita, whose entire business stands on her appearance, it was not an easy task to go bald headed on an instance, but the act had a stronger reason.

When someone reached out to her asking to donate her hair for a cause, it was hard for her to believe that she wanted to actually do it. She decided to donate, not just a part of it, but to completely shave them off her head. “When I tell someone ‘It's just hair’ while I consulted them to chop them off, a lot of them might have felt that I hadn't gone through the situation. It was 3 years ago when I chopped my long hair and made it short, to let them know that I could understand what they would go through. This was the second time, but the reason was stronger. Honestly speaking, I wanted to challenge myself and understand if I would be able to live the same life, with or without them. I also wanted to go through the phase of facing the society with this appearance of mine. I wanted to understand how women suffering from cancer would feel after hair loss. At least, I would be able to relate to them in one aspect of their struggle” she admits.
Babita Jaishankar
Babita's intentions to go bald-headed was to not just experience these emotions, but to also share a message to the world. She states, “Through this, I wish to tell the world that the external factors should not control how you feel. Each of us are beautiful in our own ways and the beauty exists in intentions and thoughts; It does not depend on how we look. If I could do this, considering the importance of my physical appearance as an image consultant, I believe, everyone should understand that how the person looks, should not affect how he/she feels.”

When the razor touched the skin of her head, she lived a single moment with a lot of varying thoughts and emotions. She felt she would cry soon; She knew she had to live without her hair for a certain duration of time; She knew she had to live amidst the society that would look at her with sympathy or would take this as a chance to make fun of her; She knew she had to appear in front of her clients with this image of hers, but when it was over, she felt relieved and moved on with the same beautiful and charming smile she always carries.
Babita Jaishankar
Messages bombarded her inbox when her network of friends on social media saw her photographs of shredding hair. Her relatives and friends called her with anger and anxiety. There were mixed emotions in her family. “I was still cool about being bald” she says, “My younger daughter freaked out when she got to know that I would shred my hair because she was scared if the hair would grow again, but my elder daughter felt good about it since she felt it was for a good cause. Amidst all of this, a girl came to me and asked if she could hug me. I never knew her, but she had followed me on social media. She said that she had lost her mother who was suffering from cancer, a year ago. She said she never thought she could also feel closer to her mother by shaving her hair off the head. She shared that she could feel what her mother went through. I was surprised to know that my act had inspired so many people in different ways.” With that, on asking her once again if the objective was to support the women suffering due to cancer, she firmly declares, "That was only one of the reasons. I would still stick to my intention that I wished to tell everyone ‘YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter how you look! Your physical appearance should not be your identity!’ ".

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