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'1Life Fully Lived' holds a Google+ Hangout with author of 'Life Simplified' to spread Unlimited Inspiration

1Life Fully Lived takes a magnificent step to empower, enlighten and educate the world by helping them learn from someone who who can simplify lives by sharing simple perspectives. Read on!
The sun rose in one part of the world, while the other part of the world was enjoying the sunset, but there were focused set of people from both extremes, who came together to learn how they could simplify their lives, from someone, whom they knew, could create revolutions through his words and actions.
The non-profit organisation 1Life Fully Lived, that is dedicated to mentor people to help discover what they truly want in life, with an incredible thought of bringing the world together at a single place virtually, organised the Google+ Hangout, on the 14th of January, 2016, with Sujit Lalwani, Founder of Inspiration Unlimited, International Speaker, and the author of 'Life Simplified!'. Matt Aitchison, Co-Founder/CEO at Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, hosted this session with incredible panache. Matt, with his thoughtful questions, continued to help the audience gain insights about simplifying businesses and leadership. The audience were inspired to learn, how at the early age of 28, Sujit Lalwani has not just gained high business insights, but also about every aspect of life, being so versatile and excelling at every work he does!
Sujit shared his wisdom, from his experiences, on some of the most important aspects of an individual's life. To have the attitude of ‘Let Go and Let's Go' was an important lesson that everybody were thrilled to learn. With an enormous experience travelling across the globe, connecting to people from all parts of the world, collaborating with various organisations to make this world a better place, and as a serial entrepreneur, he shared about the requirements to turn ideas into reality.

He also happened to share about his experiences of founding various businesses and the social projects that has impacted masses. Matt's rapid fire questions ignited every individual who was a part of the session, to realize the reality of life and learn to work on their positives. One of the best lessons that Sujit Lalwani shared and was loved by the crowd - "To not say NO, just because you want to. Say YES to opportunities, learn from them, gain experiences and only then will you get better and understand when to say NO". As more questions were asked, the answers invoked the thoughts in every single soul, to 'Take Action NOW!'. If you missed the chance to be a part of this hangout that changed many a lives & inspired people thoroughly to take action, or if you simply wish to relearn the lessons, you could watch the complete session at For those who wish to buy 'Life Simplified!' can buy it from Amazon.

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IJ Kavyashree
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