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The unreal combination

A determined NRI, the best of Bangalore and the Colloquy
Lights, Camera and action! Finally unfolds the most awaited show of the year. A host with a strong purpose, a successful personality with a strong success story and the camera; yes, this is what you will witness soon. Cancer, considered a colossal threat to the human species, is no more as precarious as it used to be. With all the professionals from the Medical Field working towards the cure and all the best of other personalities putting an effort into providing moral support to the victims, associates of the victims and survivors, the human race is definitely heading towards a better world. One of the recent addition to this family is Mr. Vinay Bharadwaj, an NRI from Singapore who has an undying motive towards spreading Cancer awareness and is leaving no stones unturned in his attempt to draw closer to his objective.
Lets Talk with Vinay
The proud owner of the designer wear fashion label- Shinayele, Mr Bharadwaj has ascended his way up the success ladder with his profession as strategist and passion for designing. Having lived in Singapore for eleven years as a strategist in an international bank now, his focus shifted on Cancer Awareness after he lost a loved one to the fatal disease. At the same time, his father’s leg got amputated and he lost his grandmother. Blatantly the incident shook him followed by his decision not to let anyone else succumb to the illness and decided to make a move. He came up with an initiative like none before. He brought forth the idea of one of the most happening talk shows- ‘Let’s Talk with Vinay’. It was undoubtedly not a piece of cake to initiate something this superior on his own efforts. Even though he did not belong to the industry, he remained deeply inspired by the thought of helping people survive which enabled him to set up this show. He took a break from his usual routine and flew down to India with a motive to make a difference in the lives of people.

He sprang on his work for the ‘Let’s Talk with Vinay’ show. He wanted to enlighten people about Cancer Awareness but was sure that not everybody will come forward to attend to him. Hence he decided to spread the word from the right mouth. He invited famous personalities from different backgrounds starting from the entertainment industry to other successful entrepreneurs to talk on his show. He also interpreted that talking purely about cancer will also not promise him a massive audience. The gen-next, which he refers to as ‘The Strawberry generation’ always has its demand for a little extra. They expect smart work, instant results and a lot of fun. Mr. Bharadwaj decided to make this an ‘infotaining’ show.

The audience will get to encounter celebrities and successful personalities from various fields having a chin wag with Mr. Vinay Bharadwaj. The heart-to-heart colloquy will entail inspiring stories about how the guest speaker crossed their hurdles and walked barefoot towards their destination, followed by which they talk about Cancer awareness and how one can win the battle against the ailment. He is all set to welcome the props that he undoubtedly deserves for his contribution. He is all set to make a difference in the lives of the victims.

He begs to declare the bottom line, that is:
1. Anybody can fall prey to Cancer. Don’t take it for granted.
2. Cancer can be cured if detected at an early stage. Ensure regular tests.
The audience will catch glimpses of few of the best personalities around the world like Puneeth Rajkumar, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Raghu Dixit, K.L. Rahul & more. The show will take you through few of the best inspiring stories. He wanted to seek answers for questions like, “What does it take for someone to be famous? How do famous people handle failures? What are the key things that one can learn from people who have achieved?” After acing the talk show, he invented his Paradigm to the people regarding the cure of cancer- Spreading awareness. He adds, “It was a life changing experience. I started envisaging the talk show few months back and today it is ready to reach the world. My vision will be fulfilled if it reaches Indians across the globe and even if one life is saved by detecting cancer at an early stage. I urge each of you to subscribe to the channel 'Let's Talk with Vinay' and lets fight this together”

For more details of the show and to catch a glimpse of your favorite personality, watch ‘Let’s Talk with Vinay’ on Youtube. Let’s put it all together, because we don’t choose cancer, Cancer chooses us.

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