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Walk Free SJCIT Impacts BGS Rural High School!

The Walk Free Movement was started by The Walk Free™ Foundation  to bring together the voice of individuals and the hundreds of organizations around the world who all share the goal of ending modern slavery.

Today, this united community, through the Walk Free Movement, focuses their voice and coordinates their actions to demand an end to the nightmare of modern slavery, amplifying the power of those organizations working tirelessly to secure change. We are seeking to continually strengthen and grow to achieve a world in which slavery is intolerable. Walkfree Bangalore is currently headed by Youth leader Bharath Aditya along with the Board of Directors (Karnataka) Vishwa Kiran, Vinay Karthik and Aishwarya Ganesh.

Event details - 

Walk Free SJCIT team led by Vishwa Kiran Sir, impacted Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji English Rural High School (BGSRS) in a way that we can truly appreciate. Students studying 6th semester in Sri Jagadguru chandrashekara natha institute of technology (SJCIT) located in Chikkaballapur conduted an all round Social Quiz which helped the students realize the right from wrong. This was followed by PPT presentations on Women Harassment and Child labour and very powerful speeches in Kannada by Vishwa Kiran Sir that impacted the masses deeply.
Credits and congratulations -

Walk Free India team congratulates and is proud to share that SJCIT team is a doing such an amazing part to end Modern Slavery. This team not only managed to create an awareness among the students and teachers alike, but also made the people realize the importance of eradicating these evils. A pledge to work againist these evils and support for Walk Free was shown by signing the West Bengal petitions that made up the major part of the signatures from Bangalore. The entire Walk Free team once again tips its hat in respect for the students of SJCIT for such an amazing succcess story.

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