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A True Friend!

A friend who covers the life
A friend who make me delight.
A friend who helps me in every problem
A friend who suggest me best, in my tipical situations.

A friend who gives me his time
A friend who is my partner in my little crimes
A friend who holds my hand sometime
A friend who makes me feel that he is mine
I always surprise that how he understood me a lot in a short period of time,??
How could he sought out my mixed expressions reveals on my face at a time??
His assumptions and guesses about me, does always wonders,
Sometimes his talks and ideas makes me shocked and give thunders.

I always astonish and laugh on his craziness,
He says "never complain" in life and work hard by awaking from slumber.
I feel glad and secure when he arounds me.
He teaches different meaning of life to me.

I know he hates when I cry,
But he is the only who takes my tears on his finger and again makes me smile.
He has in life his many dreams and desires,
And I know one day he will touch the high notch and ignite the fire.

I don't know what relation I have with him,

But what ever it is,....
Its full of care and play tune on strings.

Yes, I am imaginative and I live in dreams

But I feel sad when I awake and find that I will never be with him.

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Hira khan
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