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The Picture in the Puzzle

If in a puzzle you search for the words,
You may or may not find the big ones in the given time..
If you already know the big words there are,
Seeing them in a puzzle is just bound to be..
If in a software you go about searching for bugs,
You may or may not hit the critical ones within the allotted time,
If you already know all the critical bugs there ever have been,
Finding them in a software is just bound to be..

If in every person you meet you attempt to find their strengths,
You may or may not find them in the few minutes you are together,
If you already have a list of all the strengths that anyone can ever have,
Identifying them will take no time at all..

If at every stage in life you look for an opportunity,
You may not open the door before it goes away..
But if you already had an impossible dream and kept preparing solely for it,
When opportunity knocks, it will just be a matter of the turn of a key..

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