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Sweet Escape

A little too trapped, a little too lost
In a slew of nascent uncertainities
What lies ahead eludes her dreams
What resides within evades her sleep

A little too soft, a little too quiet
In a dulcet voice she would speak
With starry eyes she said please
But her pain was nothing but greek
Sweet Escape
A little too empty, a little too sweet
On crossroads her heart swayed
One step ahead and two steps back
She tiptoed throughout in fright

A little less hopeful she wonders
Should heaven and earth move?
Lingering into darkness is vain
But to live with a regret is pain

A little less far seems the shore
Where hearts are never broken
To make the sweetest escape
Is all that is left for her to do

And she finally saw the lights
She rejoiced and made merry
Before the tides take it all away
Wishes to chase down every desire

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