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The What and How of it all!

A door I wanted unlocked
Remained unopened since forever
It refused to budge like an angered master
To yield to efforts despite fervour..

That God has no favorites
Is a truth that gave me strength
So I persisted with the given keyword
Sometimes as a scream, sometimes just a prayer at length..
The door stood like it wouldn't ever open
Through sun, snow and rain
Like an immovable mountain for some reason I knew not
Oblivious to my pain..

Time flew by and seasons changed
It occurred that my mistake must be basic
Maybe it wasn't what I was saying as much as how I said it
For deriving light from a wand needed no magic..

After what was the longest time in life,
I chanced upon someone who had opened the door not once but to a count of five
And when he spoke the very words I knew
I heard for the first time the phrase come alive..

Without a doubt then, I knew the door would turn
The music in those words, any soul it could churn
After the quest for 'what' the key is we learn,
To know the HOW, must you truly for, yearn..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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