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A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


YOUR Gift to the World

A speech that only YOU can make glorious,
A poem that only you can pen that beautifully..

A code so complex that can only be written by you,
A song so melodious that only you can compose..
A room so clean that can only be done by you,
An event to remember which can only be organized by the likes of you..

A healing touch that comes naturally to you,
An ability that only you possess to energize all you meet..

A picture so detailed that only your fingers can paint,
A sweater of wool that only your hands can weave..

Hidden within YOU is something noone can do better..
You owe the world your gift, for everyone to enjoy on their platter..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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