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India's Favourite Walking Partner BATA

Despite an endless number of brands coming up every year, BATA continues to be the one stop family shop over the decades. It’s just like a store one can easily rely on. Undoubtedly, BATA is considered as the India’s favourite walking partner.
If we just go back and have a glance at past, we can easily relate ourselves as to how much have we relied on BATA. Ever since childhood, whenever, there arises a question of buying a new pair of footwear, the answer points straight towards BATA which is still continuing at present. It’s amazing to know, that BATA is the most trusted brand. It has served the people's desire as per their choice and comfort level.

Talking more about the existence of BATA since it has entered the market, it has never compromised on any of the 4P’s i.e., Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Rather, it just grew along with these in a more firm way. BATA has a large number of stores across the country and has never limited itself in expanding in the best possible way that it can and thereby reaching to its customers at the other end.

BATA focuses exclusively on all age groups and leaving behind none. Despite various online stores coming up day by day and the real competition from other brand product as well, did not let BATA down at any phase, instead it motivated them ,as to how well it can come up with the same products that it had started with in a complete new way for its customers in order to fulfill their needs and expectations according to the trend that’s pertaining.

Earlier, though BATA started its journey as a walking partner but at the later stages of journey it can be noticed that it pooled various other leather products for its customers, which indeed was a great attempt to meet people's demand and there by once again making a special place in the hearts of the customers. BATA never laid more emphasis for its advertisement but it drew the mass attention by its SALE policy, where one can buy a complete range of product just under one roof at an affordable price accompanied with the best quality as per ther customers satisfaction.

To quote, “A Home is where the Heart is” justifies the fact that by then and now BATA has been the home of footwear for its ever endless hearts joining day in and day out. It can be analysed by now that BATA currently holds a large market share and thereby contributing to a greater revenue. The trust that BATA has created over the years is completely outstanding and at present is enough for an individual to make an inch towards its store without giving any second thought. This definitely marks the standard of service which the BATA is giving to its customers at an extreme end.

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Mayuri Prasad
Mayuri Prasad is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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