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After Bigg Boss Kannada Show, Neha Ramkrishna now awaits her pilot license to fly planes!

From modest middle class background to living dreams that you never imagine as a child is a story that can inspire millions globally & one such story is of Ms Neha Ramkrishna. She lost her father early on but her spirit became her courageous guide. She took the leadership values from her mother into her DNA & has risen to building a life of a charismatic star today. An air hostess, TV Star after Bigg Boss Kannada participation & now awaits her license to fly as a pilot. Read ON!
Gone are the days when a rupee was greatly valued. “Whenever I see a penny around, I rewind to my childhood” says Ms Neha Ramkrishna, who started right from the ground level to build her exotic status in her own way. “I was only eight years old when my father was put into a coffin and I didn’t understand why my mother was weeping. I still regret for not seeing him that day before he was off to his life after death” she confessed. This forfeiting loss led her through the reality of life teaching her, the importance of life and helping her set an identity to the world. Determination to roar out success was the priceless present her father gifted her as he left the physical world.
Neha Ramkrishna: Air Hostess, Bigg Boss Participant
Mother’s heart is always a guiding element which bestows a glimpse of the path to be travelled in the toughest of the toughest situations. “Life was not easy twenty years ago. My mother worked as a teacher and also sold teddies to comfort me and my brother” said Neha. Acquiring her mother’s genes, she too craved to become independent, earn her desires and face the ever flowing stream of challenges which always crept into her way.

After her seventh grade, she was put in a government hostel as her mother wanted her to get good education. Leading a financially challenged life itself is a punishment which cannot be escaped off. Life taught her the actual meaning of struggle: “There were days when I picked up rice fallen on the ground to fill my stomach; I numbed my taste buds to swallow the rotten food” were her words to describe the difficult times she had been through. However, there is no better teacher than life and the hurdles offered by it, is the fact which cannot be denied. Saving every paisa was quintessential for a girl like Neha who walked all the way for 4 kilometers every day just to save five or ten rupees. This situation further became a radix to eradicate the financial challenges in her life, from when her entire style of perceiving life changed. She decided to add moments of hue, ebullience and celebrations not just to her life but also to her mother’s and brother’s.  

The passionate classical dancer made her first entry into the professional world by working in promotional activities, to pay her dance examination's fee. An arrogant behavior of a woman annoyed her on her first day at work; “It would never be possible for me to walk far both personally and professionally, without the truth filled inspiring words of Nethra, my soul sister from another mother, which got me so far” she said. Keeping up the meaning of standing on one’s own feet, Neha added sincerity to her work. Nethra was, in a way, a reason for Neha getting shaped psychologically and to gain a clear understanding about the goodness of life.
Neha Ramkrishna: Air Hostess, Bigg Boss Participant
Observing her 360 degree integrity and sincerity at work, a director of an event management company hired her, from where she never looked back. Her professional spirit simulated her growth steeply which also gave a different turn to her professional life, wherein she got an amazing opportunity to turn up for an air hostess interview. Miraculously, she was selected as an Air Hostess at Indigo Airlines. This special accomplishment scintillated her journey.

Neha is certainly a pride, who never taught twice to take up this profession which may demand her to risk life to save the passengers and who proved the fact that every woman is an achiever by virtue who has the capacity to turn out every deficiency into efficacy that can better life every second.

The merriment doesn’t end here. This fun lover’s excitement increased when she was offered a chance to participate in a renowned Kannada reality show- Bigg Boss Season 3. It sometimes cannot be denied that one has to lose something in order to gain something. The same happened in her sparkling journey as well wherein she had to quit the job to get into the show. This caused an imbalance in her emotional equilibrium as it was not easy to leave a company, which gave her bread and butter for two and a half long years. Yet believing in the fact that exploring new things fetch rejoice, she said “life is challenging, it costs a lot to break the No’s in mind to celebrate it.

It is indeed not easy for a contestant who never had fan following, to stay in the show for 42 solid days. She uses a weapon of honesty at every instant to face all of what comes across her. Collecting this rejuvenating experience, she is back to her passion- flying. To elevate her journey, she is now waiting for her pilot license which marks the true growth of this wonderful lady. Neha’s story clearly depicts that, it’s the little faith in our own abilities which drives us into an achiever’s path. Hard work, being genuine, earnestness and strengthening our personalities through situations, are her secrets to success which can be ours too directing our gleaming victory.    

iU eMagazine takes delight in learning her highly inspiring story & believes this shall inspire every girl out there to believe that she can make happen her life of dreams. A modest start is not always a route to a modest end or a sluggish journey. It's upto the choices we make that determines where our stories end up. We wish her the best & hope to fly with her in the skies aboard the planes she takes off from land as pilot someday. Add your wishes & words in comments to reach her.

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