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Master Anand - Exploring to redefine Versatility

Here is the journey of a renowned artist from Karnataka who is certainly a role model for youngsters who wish to enter the cinema industry. There is more to his story. A versatile personage, he has tuned himself and has excelled at various other areas too. Read on
Here is the journey of a multi-talented elite personage who has experimented in all ways to discover the embedded truth of intellect which has made him stand tall professionally. Master Anand, A multifaceted charisma is known for his unwavering contribution to multiple domains which include acting, hosting and more; he has also been fascinating his audiences through his eminent participation in reality shows.
Master Anand - Exploring to redefine Versatility
Anand debuted as a child artist and won the heart of everyone through his captivating performance in the film, ‘Gowri- Ganesha,’ after which, there were mixed perspectives in treating him as any other student at school. Not everyone was supportive. Amidst the condemnation he faced, inclining towards positivity he says “criticism doesn’t define you, instead helps in shaping yourself”.

Yet bouncing back, he jewels his journey with the victory of winning the ‘Dancing Star’ title. Although not a professional dancer, he grasped the grammar of dance as he was quite familiar to it. Though he had no clear idea about a dance competition, he consequently analyzed the base on which the performance stood. It includes choreographer’s role, group-coordination, partner and team support and more, along with which, he worked on the comments made by the judges of the tv show. Introducing new dance forms throughout the season was this champion’s winning secret. “It’s okay if attempts fail on the stage, but there shouldn’t be a failure to attempt” says he.

The splendid shimmer focused on proving himself subsequently when he got to actively participate in another reality show, Big Boss, which remains a remarkable milestone in his life. When the basic human needs-food, shelter, clothing are taken away, the real personality hidden in every individual is portrayed out. He uncovered this underlying fact very early which made him an ardent contestant. “It’s all about sharing minimum resources with maximum number of people efficiently” he imprints.  Through Big Boss, he successfully instigated his aspects of maturity and deep analyzing ability to the world.
Master Anand - Exploring to redefine Versatility Master Anand - Exploring to redefine Versatility
“Acting is getting into the skin of the character” renders this passionate actor. He intensively observes and stores different real characters (people around) in his library called mind and simply lives into these characters when he gets to play them hence, giving an authentic look onscreen. His vision is to work and bring out brand new, several trend setting projects, provided he gets a synchronizing producer.

“If past life’s deeds affect one’s present life then definitely working really hard now can light up one’s future life” says the spiritual thinker, who has understood life, reasoning out philosophically. “Life is my mentor” he heralds. He finds his contentment in every moment as he elevates to the next step. Harmonious hard work and dedication imparted to his path are what designate his personality. “Fame is my gift and curse, so I have to build my own castle” he confesses. More than success he looks for critical appreciation. Dreaming alone doesn’t fetch success, keen analysis of what achievers do to accomplish, brings it all. The success stories of other achievers serve as an inspiration to this doer to create his success story. “Set a goal, plan the path and start right from the fundamental ground work. Consistent hard work, homework and hunger to achieve will help you get the desired output. Discipline and humbleness play major roles in tasting success” is the success formula the young master conveyed.

“When a responsibility is taken up, heart and soul, blood and sweat are to be pronounced imperatively to make it a grand success” is the principle he relies on. May this adorning asset continue to shine magnificently for the rest of his glorious life.

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