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5 Signs Your New Year Resolution would be a Success

Check with these qualities before you decide and begin to work on your new year resolutions!
If you are not one of those with exceptional work ethic and willpower, at times you certainly have questioned about the worth of making resolutions. What’s the plan for next year? “Nothing much. I am done with these lengthy lists of resolutions which I know isn’t going to be fulfilled.” The pessimism of the above conversation is at its peak but it also reveals a problem with many of us who don’t stick to their goals. Below are the signs to consider before finalizing your new year resolutions for the brand new 2017 whether your resolutions have all of these qualities:
New Year Resolution would be a Success
1) You don’t regard New Year as the only New Beginning

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with making new year resolutions. In fact, it may be regarded as one of the best times of the year to do so. The point on the contrast here is if you would always wait for a perfect date and perfect time to make a head start then it’s likely that if you fall once after that then you would start hunting for another perfect date and it all goes like a vicious cycle. Let’s break it. Anytime is perfect if you really want to change. The New Year is Just another nice opportunity to do so.

2) You have the power to persist long enough

Have you ever wondered about the percentage of resolutions that actually gets executed? About 95% of the people never truly achieve their goal and are regarded as failures in life. That’s 19 out of every 20 people you meet! Making a decision to start is important but what is more important is the persistence and hard work to stay on the track of your goal. This can be painful and frustrating at times but who said you that success was easy? If you are determined enough you would reach the finish line with flying colors.

3) You believe that every little decision throughout the day matters

If you have read the masterpiece from author Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge”, you know exactly what I am talking about. Can you remember when you picked up a packet of potato chips instead of a fruit or healthier snacks just by feeling that this one packet and one decision to eat junk food wouldn’t matter much? We come across countless such decisions throughout the day and each decision would be compounded to make you a completely different person in the future. The realization that each and every decision will be compounded makes living consciously a better option. It’s not to say that you will always make the right choices by living more consciously but at least you will be more aware of the actions which contribute to your success and which don’t.

4) You have the ability to rise quickly after failures and be back on the wagon

The notion of the old 21-day habit myth takes it all -The requirement of consecutive days of a habit or action to achieve goal. While it’s true that streak of success habits executed every single day are essential, we are not tiny little robots that do every little thing right. Again not to take the suggestion as an excuse to relapse. Many times, when we fall of the track it’s not that our progress so far is completely lost. The sooner we get ourselves to be on the run and avoid binging the better our progress would be. 5) You give damn to what other people think of you and maintain self-assertiveness

The truth in the statement that we are the average of five people around us is too damn high. If you really want to be successful, you have to do your best and don’t care about pleasing everyone around. When you are one out of every twenty people you will often be the odd one out. But that by no means should stop you from maintaining your assertiveness for what you think is right and not care much about other’s opinion and behaviors especially the negative ones. You are the only one who knows yourself better that anyone else and what matters to you and what don’t.

On a concluding note I would love to put forward the quote by Karen Lamb:

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”

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