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Lessons learned in 2016 shall help you in 2017

Every experience of life is an opportunity to learn something new and grow. Here is a read that shall help you identify those lessons from your past experiences and help make 2017, the most prosperous year for you!
We all know how crucial part learning is for every human being. It is quite strange that we often think that we perform same tasks every day; we wake up in the morning, go to office, college or school depending upon what age group we are in) spend entire day as usual but still when we look back we notice how drastically our life has changed. Not only our life, but we too constantly change our thoughts, our perspectives, our behavior and so on. So what is that which bring that change in our lives and in our personalities? It is the experiences we get in life! Every experience; good or bad, brings an opportunity for us to learn something new and grow. Ignoring the lessons of those experiences or denying to them is like brushing off the pearls of wisdom that are lying all around us. Every failure or success, no matter how big or small; gives us a lesson, whether in personal or at professional front. The people who are able to embrace those failures, take learnings and use those lessons in the next chapters of life ultimately catapult themselves to success and happiness.
Lessons learned in 2016
Therefore, knowing how to examine your mistakes and wins to get better learnings is the most powerful source to attain growth in each sphere of life; whether personal, professional, or social. This process which is known as debriefing is crucial to keep growing and keep walking on the path which ultimately leads you to your divine destination.

We always make resolutions for the New Year; where these resolutions come from in our mind? From our experiences, we had in the past. For instance; because you threw tantrums and showed anger to your subordinates at workplace; due to which you faced problems and got learning that you should control your anger; so now you may make a resolution that you will change your temperament. Or because you trust so easily, many people took advantage and hurt your feeling, so you will make a resolution that you will work on your emotions and will become smart enough to know whom should you trust and whom not. Therefore, the learning we get in our past make us bring positive changes in our future and this is how we grow and become wiser in life.

Now, once you are familiar with the concept, I would suggest you to evaluate your year 2016 and take a look back to identify what you learned from both good and bad experiences you had in all fronts of life and what are the lessons you need to take that will enable you to take wiser decisions and actions in 2017.

Factors to identify how your relationships can benefit through this debrief process: Amount of time you spend with your family, friends or loved ones, how well you communicated your thoughts to others, how well you kept your commitments and promises, how honest and trustworthy you have been throughout the year, how do you find the surroundings or social circle you have, how trustworthy people are around you, how well you should mingle up with others and where do you need to give a shut up call.

Factors to identify how your professional life can benefit through this debrief process: How productive you were throughout the year, how profitable you were for the business, how did you present yourself to others; do you need any improvisation? How well you socialized with others, how well ou managed your work or the team under you, in what areas you need to bring changes

Your wealth: How you managed your financial matters, how much did you save, Is there anything in your mind through which you can gain more health and pursue you passion? Then go for it!

Choose one area of your life and begin evaluating; 1. This is about a specific event or an event you still could not forget; whichever comes to your mind.

2. What do you feel while recalling that specific event? Sometimes when things go horribly wrong and the little voice in your mind tries to convince you that the entire event was just a nightmare, and you try hard to forget it. Think about it once again, there was some learning behind that incident, a lesson for you. Did you identify a new strength in you? Did someone unexpectedly extend you support? What learnings did you receive from that incident?

Remember, you can't learn less. Experiments, trials or goof ups are our inherent learning mechanism for development. Setting aside some time to go through and critically analyze your experiments and the outcomes you faced help you make a foundation to a better and brighter year ahead. Wish you a very Happy New Year!

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AK Mishra
Founder & Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy and AK Mishra's Art of Succes

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