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3 Basic Principles for Exceptional Work Ethics in 2017

If there is anything to be most importantly learned from every successful person or organization, it is that, ethics and character count. Competitiveness, creativity and aspirations will always hold great importance to move up the ladder but they must all be modulated by fundamental ethical principles like the ones below.
Let’s admit it. Most of us have no work ethics at all. Can you count the number of times you have an important task at hand but you switched to something cozier before completing the more important one? The concept of importance and urgency in regard to priorities and time management have long been discussed about, yet very less people actually seem to get much out of it. Work ethics can be defined as:

A belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inheritability to strengthen character.
Principles for Exceptional Work Ethics
If we want exceptional success the foundation would be exceptional work ethic. Here are the few tips to maintain an unshakable work ethic on which your success would be built upon.

1) Plan your time in advance

A minute spent in planning saves much on execution. You can plan for each day and for overall week at once but make sure you have one. Planning also boosts your execution by unexpected ways. You never plan to waste hours ideally in front of television or video games. In such perspective, you become a completely different far sighted and purposeful person when you plan. The only other thing you have to do is execute as per the plan. One final point when you plan on paper, you cannot trust your mind for remembering everything!

2) Wake Up Early

If you are one of those who are in love with the ‘snooze button’ of your alarm, then congratulations and welcome to the Mediocrity Club! If you normally wake up at 6 am then if for one year if you wake up at 4 am then you would have accumulated treasures worth of 730 hours of exceptionally productive time. It’s hard at first, in fact it’s hard always but that’s one thing what makes it great.

3) Everything, literally everything except priorities is a Distraction

No compromises here. You will be known in the world for your work ethics not for reaching level 400 on Candy Crush or watching T.V. straight for 12 hours. No opposition to recreation or fun factor. They are actually helpful in optimum level but many times these activities tend to worsen your work ethics and those should be eliminated at any cost. That’s the price you have to pay for success if you really want it bad enough.

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Anish Dhakal
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