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Rules for better living in 2017

What went well the last year, in 2016? What didn't go well? Even if it went pretty well, how to live a better life is something we all think and wish. Here are some simple rules you can keep for yourself, to make 2017, the best of all these years.
Presently a 'better life" for me is more about living dreams with passion, loads of happiness and love, which obviously brings bliss to everyone. Not a material thing in sight! Despite the fact that meaning of what a superior life is can change throughout the years, the means we take to how we can accomplish that "better life" doesn't generally change. As Elbert Hubbard said, a stone worker makes the wonderful statue through a procedure of chipping without end the parts of the marble that are not required. This procedure of end is the thing that we have to accept as we attempt to take out those things that we do which keep us from accomplishing a "superior life for ourselves".
Rules for better living in 2017
Here are the list and rules for making your life for better living

Stop overcomplicating your life

Complexity makes confusion and hides solution. It is difficult to be imaginative and creative when you are hindered by complexity and detail. Complexity will likewise keep you from being interested in finding the arrangements that are regularly directly before you.

Stop adding bad stress to your life

Being excessively busy, working too hard on things you truly don't care for doing, striving for perfection, going up against more responsibilities and works since you think it makes you valued and finishing having an excessive number of things takes away time for you to JUST BE YOU. Bad stress is unsafe to your health.

Stop regretting your actions from your past, what you have not achieved and what you have lost.

The past is over and likewise present is the place you are currently and where you need to be later on. All your past experiences, mistakes and disappointments throughout your life have set you up for carrying on with your life in the present and later on. Recognize your past and what you have learned, then let the past go and push ahead to what's to come

Stop saying that you have no time

Whether it's to be a companion, to visit your elderly auntie, to watch the dusk or dawn, to have an occasion, to read a book, to rest gently, or to go to the funeral, our time is so valuable and you will never know when you come up short on time. With no time, you can miss the most valuable and excellent minutes throughout your life. With no time, you will put off all the critical things you know you ought to do however pick not to do in light of the fact that you say you have no time.

Stop choosing to be fearful about the future, about making mistakes, about following your dream, about change

Fear is paralyzing and it will prevent you from rolling out any improvements throughout your life. You're restricting self convictions will control your musings and activities and will fuel your dread. You should manage these constraining convictions and know why it is that you are so FEARFUL. Recognize your fear and act at any rate and I promise you will feel freed and free!

Stop looking to others for your happiness because your happiness can only come from within you

When you look to others to make you happy, it is an indication that you are not being consistent with yourself. It is an unsafe thing to do in light of the fact that we can persuade ourselves that being with our loved ones makes us cheerful, however that is just part of the condition to you being happy. The message is truly clear "no one but you can make yourself cheerful" and its critical to figure what it is that you have to do to be satisfied and happy.

When you are focusing on what you don’t want to happen, it is a sign that you don’t know what you want in life and you are not committed to making the changes you need to make in order for you to create a better life. There is no desire, no motivation and no vision of your future. If you don’t have these things then all you will do is focus on what can go wrong and how bad it will be for you. Flip the coin – get your life vision sorted, get motivated and commit to making the changes you need to make to have a great life. Once again, it’s simple, but it requires work and perseverance from you.

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