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Top '8' Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering starts as an act, must be developed as a habit and left behind as a culture
There is nothing more satisfying than a deed that cannot be paid back in kind or cash. An act of going forward to contribute to a cause that can make a difference, to the extent that is possible in your best capacity without expecting financial remuneration gives you a sense of accomplishment that is unmatched by most other actions and activities.

Volunteering in my life has paid off in big ways and in the lives of those who have walked the path that they claim i3 (Influence • Inspire • Impact), Inspiration Unlimited (iU) and other initiatives that I once promoted inspired in them. Some of the major benefits that I came across and believed that everybody could benefit from by contributing to causes and volunteering are
Top 8 Reasons to Volunteer

1. Quality & meaningful use of time:

Most often there is leisure time at disposal and most people lose it on doing things that aren’t fully satisfying or meaningful and probably not even at times fully entertaining or pleasure filled. Volunteering just assures that joy, fulfilment and rewarding use of your time.

2. Development of new skills and use of old ones:

The more you are used, the more useful you become is an adage that shall never cease to be meaningful for years and centuries to come. Volunteering for causes could involve multiple roles, or roles that you have never engaged in before that you could truly benefit from in garnering some rich experience in that direction. Most old skills that aren’t put to use because our day to day work or life routine doesn’t permit us to use them also find an avenue to get used through volunteering.
Top 8 Reasons to Volunteer

3. Expanding networks of like-minded people:

You end volunteering for projects that invite volunteers from across the state, country or at times from across the globe and that simply becomes an opportunity to spend time with like minded people and bring back networks of those that really look forward to make a difference. They say a good network is always one single great strength on which most success stories are found. A sound circle makes volunteering all the more fun.

4. Adding purpose & meaning to life:

Most people are in jobs that may or may not kindle the larger purpose of life in them. They look for avenues where they can contribute to charities and make a difference. Those that believe in giving their time to volunteer end up finding great purposes to engage in and use their time to add meaning to their existence. The otherwise mundane life becomes way more meaningful once you start volunteering and make it a habit.
Top 8 Reasons to Volunteer

5. Lowers negative energy & uplifts morale and self confidence:

Once you know your existence is meaningful and you are able to make a difference it is bound to make you feel uplifted, which shall kill negative energy and fill you up with more and more positive energy. Uplifted morale leads to better performance in every other aspect of life and hence that takes the self confidence of the person really high. Innumerable people registered with ADAD Social Network have shared their stories of volunteering and believe that it has truly brought terrific transformation in their life.

6. Builds credible associations and uplifts your CV:

If you work and volunteer for highly credible global organisations it eventually appraises the value of your CV helping you scale the potential of opportunities you could work for. The impact certification from credible organisation is verified and scrutinised which is globally recognised and hence you have a chance to go places with your CV that has global touch. You could also choose to take CSR positions in your company keeping this habit in background.
Top 8 Reasons to Volunteer

7. Paves your way to political careers:

If you are volunteering for community development in best of your capacities, you are directly tackling societal issues that ends up winning you the trust of people you impact and paves for leadership positions in future because you are closely involved with those communities and know their problems best and have been constant service for them. The people know you, your work and find you trustworthy and trust is indeed a big factor in political careers.

8. Builds better world to live in:

It’s a culture that soon spreads and infects others around for the scores of benefits it hosts. The fact that more and more people start engaging in community service and impact, it is bound to solve more and more problems of the society. There can’t be a more win-win situation than volunteering and drawing the scores of benefits it has to offer besides knowing your contribution is making waves of difference. I have experienced each one of the benefits that I have mentioned above. I have been involved with One Young World & World Merit organisations at global levels while I have initiated and founded multiple social projects and united volunteers through various programs and activities in India & multiple nations. I run charities 36Meals & iU Cares Foundation with multiple social projects such helped me watch people experience each of these benefits.

I conclude here by quoting my favourite quote on volunteering:

“Volunteering starts as an act, must be developed as a habit and left behind as a culture” ~Sujit Lalwani.

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