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Drone Expo 2017

The 2nd DRONE EXPO will be held from 9 to 11 June 2017, in Athens/Greece.
The application of UAV΄s technologies over already existing industrial, constructive or other productive functions, allows companies to create new enterprising and functional prototypes.

Every professional field has different needs and therefore seeks a variety of solutions motivated by UAV΄s technology.

According to recent studies (PWC), the world market of UAV will surpass US$127 billion for commercial applications in the near future.
Drone Expo 2017
DRONE EXPO is an important commercial event and the biggest exhibitional event of South Eastern European and South Eastern Mediterranean countries, on UAV΄s commercial applications.

DRONE EXPO will bring together the whole range of professionals involved in drones business such as producers & manufacturers of applications in mapping, agriculture, gas emission measurement, land & urban planning, civil engineering work & film industry.
The exhibition will present aircrafts, components, sensors, software and services concerning a wide range of applications such as:

• Public Safety – Emergency – Rescue
• Surveying & Mapping
• Precision Agriculture
• Civil Infrastructure
• Construction
• Security
• Media
• Environmental
• Mining
• Transportation

During the exhibition a UAV Conference on Unmanned Aerial Systems will take place, with the participation of prominent and expert speakers.

DRONE EXPO is addressed to professional visitors from various fields including Governmental Authorities and Bodies, Law Enforcement, Border Guard, Coastguard, Search and Rescue, Disaster Prevention & Safety, Surveying and Cartography, Environmental Surveys, Natural Resources Management, Agribusiness Companies, Hotel & Tourist Enterprises, Power Generation Companies, E-Commerce Business, Telecommunications Companies, IT Services, Environmental Enterprises and many others.

The event shall highlight Aircraft, Equipment and a wide range of application services:
Cameras, Imaging & Vision Systems, Materials & Manufacturing, Air systems, Aircraft Testing Equipment, Antennas/Antenna Systems, Automated Vehicle Applications, Communication Systems, Components, Computers, Software and System Engineering, Data Storage, Encryption, Flight Control Systems, Motor Controllers, Payloads, Power and Fuel Systems, Propellers, Propulsion and Transmissions, Remote Sensing Sensors, Navigation & Guidance Systems, Propulsion & Power, Development Services & Facilities, Electronics, Subsystems and Components, Simulation & Training, Software, Data & Communications, Ground Control Systems and Equipment, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems, Robotics and System & Mechanical Components. Organized by MGMEDIAEXPO LTD which is specialized in organizing international technological exhibitions, DRONE EXPO will be held from 09 till 11 of June 2017 at the modern Olympic facilities Faliro Indoor Hall & Exhibition Centre (TAEKWONDO), which features excellent infrastructure, modern architecture, efficient parking space for both the exhibitors and visitors and is extremely accessible by car or the Athens Public Transportation System.

For more information, visit, info@drone-expo

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