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Global Predictive Analytics and Data Management Forum

Predictive analytics should allow companies to design a data driven strategy, ranging from improving operations, increasing revenues and market share, designing and customizing product/services, monetizing on owned data. If you have the following questions, then we have the answer for you!
How to set up a company to harness the power of Data-Centric decision making?
How can we make sense of all the jargon and fast moving technologies?
How to make your organisation follow your vision?
How could product innovations affect the way we set up offers and content? And what are the signs of tomorrow for online shopping?
Will Cognitive Computing emerge from Machine Learning Algorithms, Big Data Tools, and Cloud Services?
Which customers are probable to leave a free-to-go mortgage within a specific amount of time.
Prioritization of big data projects in insurance and banking industry European insurance and banking industries increase Investments in Big Data & Digital Initiatives. What major role and benefits do these investments have?
Machine learning in modelling fraud patterns?
How to develop of predictive analytics services for peers?
Predictive analytics for business and social good?
Delighting Customers with Big Data and Advanced Analytics!
Global Predictive Analytics and Data Management Forum
Global Predictive Analytics and Data Management Forum with its venue in Milan, Italy on 2nd and 3rd February 2017 is a cross industry and NON-vendor driven event with more than 20 global senior speakers from all over the world. Speakers from Great Britain, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Nordic Region, Middle East etc. will present their case studies, share their experience and expertise in predictive analytics, data management and digital transformation of their companies.

eBay, Honeywell, Airbus, Turkish Airlines,  Barclays, Generali, Commerzbank,  Telefonica, Adidas, Pirelli, Samsung, Renault, Toyota, Nokia, and many more have sent their senior experts in the field of Data and Business Analytics to represent their company in this two day forum in Novotel Milano Hotel to discuss the topics bellow.

- Predictive analytics and the business value it provides
- Cost saving projects via big data and analytics
- Designing a data driven strategy and transformation
- Transition from BI analytics to data science.
- Predictive Modelling.
- Machine learning in modelling fraud pattern.
- Big data and predictive analytics in banking and insurance
- How to utilize predictive analytic for intelligent marketing and creating social media content
- Predictive analytics for business and social good
- Are we reaching a data science singularity?
- Loyalty & retention based analytics
- Using data to drive customer experience transformation
- Multi-source data analytics for intelligence applications
- Data governance, data protection and smart city Register and benefit from all the case studies to get to know how senior experts and industry leaders use predictive analytics, what benefits and business improvement it brings. Reserve your seat before 13th January and benefit the 55% discount using this Voucher Number  .  Full agenda is available upon request :

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