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Healing Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

The mother of all essentials oils-Frankincense, has some of the most important benefits for adding more beauty to your skin and hair. When in doubt- use Frankincense. It has its usage in almost everything one can think of.
A quick brief up on the Frankincense:

Frankincense gets its name from the French dictionary and it means incense. This is basically a resin known for its aroma. They are obtained from trees of the Boswellia genus. This resin is obtained by slashing or stripping the bark of the trees and thereby allowing the resin to bleed and harden. This process is usually done after around 10 years of the growth of the tree. The process of stripping is done around three times in a year. This resin is known for its scent and is used in various religions for religious and spiritual purposes.
Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential oil:

The Frankincense essential oil is obtained by the process of steam distillation of its resin. The main constituents of this oil arepinenes and phillandrenes. The oil is proved to bring about feelings of being unified and helping in bringing about spiritual connection. It acts internally by helping raise immunity and working to heal sciatica, back pain etc. It is also known to relieve depression.

Uses of Frankincense for Skin and Hair health:

Scars: Frankincense is known for its ability to reduce scars over a period of time naturally with topical application.

Stretch Marks: Being one of the most difficult and stubborn conditions to treat, stretch marks are seen to diminish with continued usage of this wonder essential oil.

Warts: The Frankincense oil has the ability to combat warts when applied on the area of concern.

Wrinkles: Frankincense has proved to reduce the appearance of wrinkles giving the skin a natural glow and a face lift.

The royal woody resin is certainly worth a try.

Stay Beautiful!

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