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The magic of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Commonly known for its woodsy, sweet smell, sandalwood is frequently used as a base for cosmetics, incense sticks, perfumes and many others. The Sandalwood essential oil is the perfect remedy for major skin issues. Here are some of its magical benefits.
In my previous write up, we read about Lavender Essential Oil and its wonder benefits on the health. Today, I’m going to be writing on the amazing benefits on the Sandalwood Essential Oil.

A quick brief up on Sandalwood:

Sandalwood is typically a medium sized tree with a very distinct woody aroma. This is usually found in South East Asia, India, Pacific and the Western Australian regions. It has been used traditionally in spiritual set ups for its fragrance. They belong to the genus Santalum. Sandalwood is basically a class of wood belonging to this genus. The main source of good Sandalwood is S.album. The Hawaiian Sandalwood is considered to be of the highest quality so far. Sandalwood is finely grained and majorly of three colors which are red, yellow and white. The yellow variety is very common in India.  It retains its scent for many years as opposed to most other trees.
The magic of Sandalwood Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil:

The Sandalwood essential oil is obtained and derived from the bark of the wood of the trees by a process called Steam distillation. The main constituent of this Essential oil is Santol and Santalene. It is typically used at a spiritual and religious environment and is known to bring about calming and devoted expressions in the minds. It is very popular for its beauty and antiseptic benefits and it’s for good reason that this oil comes with a big price tag.

Uses of sandalwood Essential Oil for the Skin and Hair health:

Dry dull Skin: Sandalwood essential oil works very well as a natural moisturizer and helps to get rid of dullness in the skin, making it healthy and enabling it to glow.

Skin infections: Topical application of this oil enables cleansing and works as an antiseptic to enable healing.

Wounds: Sandalwood essential oil helps in the healing of wounds naturally in the same way as it helps skin infections by cleansing and healing it. Dry itchy scalp: Sandalwood essential oil helps in alleviating dry itchy scalp and provides it with adequate amount of moisture.

Sandalwood is very rapidly walking on its path to become extinct and it is under the direct observation of the Government in most countries. The goodness it carries in terms of usage is numerous. 

Now that’s some good reason to be high priced! Investing in nature and nature made products is better than spending our financial resources in things we do not need. Most often we do that, don't we? Think about it!

Stay beautiful!

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