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Enhance your Beauty with Rose Essential Oil

Considering the fact that essential oils work like magic on our skin and health, both physical and emotional, we have seen a few of them so far and their benefits. In this article you shall learn about the Rose Essential Oil.
A quick brief up on the Rose:

Who doesn’t know the Rose? Be it a poetic emphasis for its beauty and thorns associated or for the expression of love, this flower is known for its beauty and fragrance. It is rightly called the ‘Queen’ of Flowers. Rose is a flowering plant belonging to the family Rosaceae and the genus Rosa.  They occur as shrubs and are commonly seen as gardening plants. The flowers vary in size and are available in a host of bright and vibrant colors such as red, white, yellow, pink or even black. They can be hybridized easily.  Roses are best known for their ornamental quality.
Rose Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil:

The Essential oil obtained from Rose is done by the process of steam distillation of its flowers. Round 5000 roses are used to make 2 ml of essential oil. This is one of the most expensive essential oil. The main constituents of this oil are Cirronrllol, Geranol, Nerol.  This oil is widely used for its fragrance and most commonly utilized in the perfume industry till date. The species Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia are the commonly used ones for the production of oils. This essential oil is known for its antidepressant properties.

Benefits of Rose essential Oil on Skin and hair:

Scars and Wounds: Topical application on the area of concern is proven to hasten the healing process.

Wrinkles: Topical application along with a regular moisturizer by adding just one drop not only smells heavenly but also reverses the signs of aging. Redness of the face: This essential oil helps in relieving redness of the face especially in sensitive skin and thereby makes the face look radiant.

Hair Loss: The Rose essential oil is said to prevent hair loss in both men and women and therefore would be best used along with your regular shampoo.

Go ahead and grab a bottle of this divine fragrant essential Oil.

Stay Beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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