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Essential Oils For A Health Holistic Living

You could look out for specific information on benefits of each type of essential oil on our 'Fitness & Health' section. Here is an abstract of all of them put together for you to easily recognize the right essential oil to heal specific issues.
The amazing benefits of Essential oils are something that history has seen with evidence. Essential oils are natural, without side effects and of course therapeutic.  There are around a dozen of essential oils or even more which work to beautify the skin and hair from inside out. I’m going to be giving in a quick brief about the most common skin and hair conditions and the oil commonly available and best suited to treat the condition.
Essential Oils For A Health Holistic Living

For the Skin

Acne- Lavender
Dark circles- Lavender
Damaged Skin- Frankincense
Dry Skin (Cracked lips, feet) – Lavender
Moles- Lavender
Oily Skin- Frankincense
Blocked Pores- Sandalwood
Enlarged Pores- Lemongrass
Hyperpigmentation- Lemon
Rashes- Lavender
Scars- Frankincense
Stretch marks- Frankincense
Sunburns- Lavender
Wrinkles- Frankincense

Essential Oil for Hair

Dandruff- Lavender
Oily Hair- Lavender
Dry hair- Sandalwood
Hair growth- Lavender
Hair Loss- Lavender
Itchy Scalp- Lavender

Mode of Usage

Like I mentioned in the article of introduction to essential oils, these essential oils can be used topically, internally or aromatically.

Topically- Apply it on the site of the concerned area. For example if you have a dark spot that you want to get rid of, you could apply Lemon essential oil on the spot and leave it in. Certain essential oils may require carrier oils. The most commonly used carrier oils are Coconut oil and Olive Oil.

Internally- The essential oil may be consumed by adding a couple of drops in water, coffee or any of your favorite drinks. You could also consume them in the form of capsules. Essential oils are very concentrated. Aromatically:

You can use a diffuser and add a couple of drops in there apply the product in your palms or wrist and sniff them.  Who wouldn’t love to smell these lovely fragrances?

So we now have a gist of all the essential oils we need for the most common skin and hair concerns.  Get your essential oil, it’s certainly worth a try.

Stay beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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