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Tea Tree Oil: The Perfect Product for Hair, Skin and More

Tea tree oil is an effective natural treatment for those fighting against skin and hair issues. Read on to learn more about its benefits.
We have by far seen the benefits of Lemon, Lavender, Sandalwood essential oils on our health and primarily on our skin and hair. It is without a doubt that these sniffs change our minds subtly and the health that it brings about is something to be amazed with. Today I shall write about the Melaleuca Essential Oil.

A quick brief up on Melaleuca :

The Melaleuca is a plant which is commonly known as Tea tree or Paperbark. It gets its name tea tree probably from the concept that a famous man used its infusion in place of tea. This plant can be anywhere from 3 ft in height to trees up to 100 feet high. Melaleuca is found in the areas around Australia and New Zealand. These are flowering plants and the leaves are the ones that possess a distinct aroma.  Melaleuca is known for its ability to heal the skin and for colds and flu.
Tea Tree Oil
Melaleuca Essential Oil:

Melaleuca essential oil is obtained by the process of distillation, Steam distillation of the leaves of the plant. It has woody camphor like aroma. The main composition in this oil is terpenenes, terpien ancymene. This essential oil is typically used as an aromatic agent or applied topically. Generally topical application for this essential oil requires the usage of carrier oil. The most commonly used carrier oil is Fractionated coconut oil. So basically Melaleuca essential oil is mixed with coconut oil and applied on the skin.

Beauty Benefits of Melaleuca or the Tea Tree Oil:

For Acne Reversal: Tea tree essential oil s one of the best face oils to cure acne and keep it at bay. Mix a drop with your moisturizer or just sniff it. It works wonders.

Fungal Infections: The primary effect of this essential oil being antibacterial, it helps in getting rid of the fungal infections and conditions like candidiasis, athlete’s foot etc. Scalp Health: Melaleuca Essential Oil helps to keep the dandruff and oily scalp in check. Simply mix a couple of drops in your shampoo.

Rashes and Eczema: This essential oil helps alleviate itching and rashes. You could put a couple of drops in your bath or just apply it directly on your skin, works either ways.

All in all this wonder oil is a great possession in keeping your skin looking healthy and your hair health at its best.  Afterall you are totally worth it.

Stay Beautiful!

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