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My visit to Ahmedabad International Literature Festival

Here is a glimpse of what one experiences at the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival!
As a teen Author and writer, I was in awe of joining the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival: different literary discussions, different workshops on Indian Literature and poetry, intelligent readers and venerable visitors. I planned to visit Ahmedabad on 10th of Nov. and booked my itinerary as the festival was on 12th and 13th of Nov. it was going to be the largest International Festival in India. Among the best luxury hotels in Ahmedabad, I stayed in The Gateway Hotel - Ummed.
Ahmedabad International Literature Festival
And the day arrived when the festival was about to begin. Ahmedabad International Literature Festival is related with many great personalities like writers, storytellers, poets, publishers, directors, producers, editors, and entrepreneurs covering all over India at Ahmedabad Management Association. This Literature Festival helps to promote reading, writing, editing and etc. particularly among the person of every age with a focus on the literary field.

The first day of the festival was inaugurated by Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, a Bollywood Film Director, Yogesh Gadhvi, Chairman of Gujarat Sangeet Natya Academy, Geoff Wain, British Deputy High Commissioner at Ahmedabad. There were total 9 sessions conducted on the first day of the festival. The festival got a super start, with an enthusiastic full house audience. There was a conversation between Madhur Bhandarkar and very popular radio jockey Dhvanit. The title of the session was about ‘Captivating the storylines to Bollywood Industry’. How much does a good story matter?
Ahmedabad International Literature Festival
The journey continued with a hard hitting session of the Literature festival, which discussed the controversial topic that was, ‘Media Driven Stories’. How fiction drives the news narrative in the present day. It was a panel discussion moderated by Pradeep Malik and some very good journalists. When discussing the importance of journalism, one of the panelists mentioned the journalism is the first draft of the history.

The next remarkable session was, ‘Looking for literature’. Is it around us? It was also a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Nigam Dave and had the participation of distinguishing personalities. The session struck a chord with the youngsters at the event.

The second day of Ahmedabad Literature Festival was an exciting and interesting as the first day as it started with a hang. Sunday morning also received a full audience and the day rolled off with a panel discussion on Literature and Cinema. The resulting panel consisted of Filmmaker: Abhishek Jain, Sandeep Nath: Lyricist and Sumana Mukherjee and it was moderated by Madhuri Sharma, Miss India 2015. The overall festival was very interesting and well organized and was managed by highly active members of the organizing team. The Literature Festival closed on Sunday with a vote of thanks to the esteemed audience and the eminent speakers by the festival director.

AILF is a tremendous effort to create, discover a new era to enable rope between writers and literary enthusiasts of the city for bringing literature in society.’

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Mridu Bhattacharya
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