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Innovative Entrepreneurs to Fight Tough Times

Today, each day is a test for entrepreneurs to prove themselves, their employees and the company. From recruiting the right talent to adapting to the changing advances in the market, there is a lot for the CXOs to deal with. There are certain times when you almost quit but wish to try once again. Here is an experience of an entrepreneur who fought through such hardships and has today begun to shine in the industry. Read on
Business cycles affect all. Technologies, globalisation and other such trends affect businesses. Bikaner once hosted the largest wool market of Asia. However, with the passage of time, the trade invited new competitors. Globalisation and resulted easier import norms resulted in tougher competition from the wool from New Zealand. Chokla Wool (the wool originating in Bikaner region is called Chokla wool) lost its supremacy. The wool processors and traders started losing their business. However, innovators were busy in preparing strategies to survive and enter into new businesses.
Innovative Entrepreneurs to Fight Tough Times
A few have crafted amazing success stories. One such person is  Naveen Surana, who has emerged as the pioneer to move into a new business. Naveen’s family has wool business for over five decades. However, Naveen decided to give it a new direction. While earlier they used to prepare wool for carpet weavers, Naveen decided to focus on the end objectives.

He is truly an inspiration for entrepreneurs, who face challenging business scenarios. He remained in the same business, yet changed the product mix completely. He used his age-old reputation and goodwill but approached new customers.

Sweet home is the most beautiful destination for everyone. Love, affection, care, and attachment emits out of beautiful vibrations around. Crafting a heavenly abode out of sweet feelings is a rare gift the God has bestowed to ladies, who strive hard to weave an amorous space out of a house.

The traditional desert places are also amazing centres of art, craft and human creativity. Bikaner too is not an exception. Once people craved for the beautiful carpets weaved by the artists of Bikaner. Naveen introduced a new business venture in the form of Navkar Home. The old times are re-emerging with the initiatives of Navkar Home. It is an initiative to help ladies in shaping their homes. Naveen Surana joins his wife in crafting beautiful designs which can help homemakers in transforming their homes into most adoring niches.  

Today Naveen receives admirations and a series of orders from customers, resulting in a situation where there is always an excesss of deman in comparison to the possible supply. What is the reason for their success? The reason lies in injecting emotional bondage of love, care and compassion. Naveen and his entire team with their family members join together to weave emotions of togetherness, care and affections, which get translated into beautiful carpets and beautiful rugs.  Naveen’s family takes special care in designing carpets that give great feelings of affection, love, care and togetherness. They experiment a lot and prepare a variety of designs and see the impact. In the process the entire family converts into designer, tester, evaluator and the ultimate user. When they get satisfied, they present their designs in international exhibitions and try to collect feedback from customers.

Domotex (Germany) is world’s leading exhibition on carpet designs and flooring. International designers await every year for the display by M/s Navkar Home, which has carved out a unique image as representing an innovative blend of tradition and modernity. Navkar Home is invited in all leading designer exhibitions due to its creativity and aura. These occasions are sources of customer feedback, therefore the designers (Mr. Naveen and his wife) personally attend every such exhibition and thereafter modify their products for international markets.

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