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Sanskar to Sanskar : Journey from home singer to professional singer

The below piece of write-up that showcases a few examples of the journeys of a few devotional singers, is certainly though-provoking, emphasizing on the importance of preserving our rich heritage.
Sanskar Channel has been trying to spread “Sanskar” – the culture of devotion to social values and spiritualism. Traditionally Rajasthan has been a state where women have been put at back foot everywhere, and generally they are not encouraged to take a leading role. However, when it comes to giving “Sankar”, they do come forward and try to preserve and protect our culture, values and spiritualism. There are some instances where they have played iconic roles and presented a role model for the next generations.  One such instance is the role played by Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Daga, which has enabled a tradition of devotional singing to come to forefront through “Sanskar Channel”.  
Sanskar to Sanskar
Mrs. Daga has been nurturing a dream to sing for giving something back to the society and nothing can be more soothing than a devotional song.  Devotional song singing is a traditional practice in Rajasthan. Singing devotional songs is a practice, which pervades almost every home.  Mrs. Daga has taken this practice from home to professional level. Her success is the result of the entire family, which has tried to promote spiritualism, social commitments and values to give back to the society.

"Mn Chaman Hamara" is the first ever devotional song on Shrimad Bhagwad Gita in the album on Sri Krishna  by Mrs. Daga from Bikaner. The journey from home singing to professional singing has been achieved in  just six month. Not just singing , the singer learnt Harmonium, and other musical instruments and practiced songs on musical tracks in just six months. The passion to give to society is above all here, which has been the driving force of the entire team from singer to the mentor and others supporting them. The mentor Mr. Rajendra Vyas, trained Mrs.  Daga in this art in the last six months. Mr. Vyas and his entire team helped Mrs. Daga in crafting out a beautiful music for the generations to come. The entire team has devoted their zealous efforts for this purpose during last six months. All these efforts are not for money but for a cause- the spirit to promote spiritualism, devotional songs and a cultural heritage.  Mr. Pradeep Gupta  has composed the music.   Devotional songs come out of a devoted heart. Mrs. Daga comes from traditional rajasthani family, which is deeply involved in religious and charitable activities. The entire family has been actively engaged in such pursuits for a long time. The eldest member of the family Mr. Jugal Kishore Daga has been managing two charitable trusts for the benefit of the society in Bikaner. His emphasis has always been to raise the family for social cause and devote spare time for the spiritual purpose. Rajesh Kumar Daga (son of Mr. Jugal Kishore Daga) has further extended the work of his father and motivated the family to join the social cause. His motivation helped in raising the zest in the mind of Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Daga (wife of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Daga) to fulfill the dreams of the family. Mrs. Daga has inherited devotional music from her parents. Her father Mr. Bulaki Das Chandak is also a devoted singer. Mr. Chandak encouraged  his family to sing devotional songs, which has resulted in new generations also to continue this journey.  Mr. Tapan Daga (son of Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Daga) has also continued the journey and is aspiring devotional song singer at many national events.

Lets promote such initiatives, which help us in preserving our rich heritage and enable us to rise high to give back to the society. Immerse yourself in the devotional songs of Mrs. Daga on YouTube at the Sanskar Channel’s official page and you can also feel the vibes of the age-old culture and heritage.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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