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A Journey With Her!

A journey with her
life is the mortal an unpredictable existence
love is a life with immortal persistence
every journey has an origination
and a destination for its culmination

I didn't know when it began
A journey of love a journey with her
being a cattleman, a journey was a business
morning my friend begin with a Haze
A Journey With Her!
As I took those innocent beings for a graze
walking along the roadside charging them
caught my attention- making me overwhelmed
a glance so mesmerising-difficult to unhook

A lean stature with long hair plates
face with eminent glowing radiance
an un-winnable beauty hooked me persistent
she walked along -on the other side
carrying pitchers to fetch away water
came her destination-the brook
and yet I was to complete my tour

I kept gazing her but she never noticed
departed I half amazed half muddled
completed my daily task and returned
every day I registered that unparalleled beauty
but she never pay me heed like lost sanity

Unfortunate was the day didn't register the presence
wrapped in sadness journey became a reluctance
journey without her wasn't cherishable
short day by day becoming perishable

One day during my lifeless journey
a voice broadcasted, don't know from where
"It's your journey and yours alone, others
may walk it with you, But no one can walk it
for youThe beautiful journey of today can only
begin when we learn to let go of yesterday"

If it was an illusion, it was amazing
If it was a love, it was worth
If it was nothing, it was worth everything!!

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