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Camel Festival : A Deserving Tribute

Camel Safari, Camel Fur Competition, Camel Dance Competition, Camel Paintings, and so on.
The Thar Desert has celebrated Camel Festival on 14 and 15 January. "Lovely Planet" has called it one of the best five festivals of January. Camel is the true icon of desert. Even with its last breath, it is trying to entertain us. 
Camel Festival : A Deserving Tribute
Camels are reducing in numbers and with this trend, they are soon to become extinct. Its unfortunate that some people love Camel meat more than Camel Ride. It is unfortunate that Camels are loosing their identify and will be left only in photographs. It is imperative to inspire youth to think about camels and think about the importance of their existence.

Youth of Bikaner are now the backbone of Save Camel Movement. Lokayan's Gopal Singh and his friends are trying their best to preserve the rich heritage of Bikaner, which always put Camel in the centre of their thought process.

My daughter and Camel Supporter Nirupa Jain has prepared a painting on Camel and posted on the "Facebook Competition of Paintings for Society" on the facebook page of the "Fine Arts Club of IIT Varanasi" to encourage youth to think about Camels. This is how the youth are trying their best to mobilise support on social media.

I also join the youth of Thar to dedicate this small poem on camel:-

Camel - Are You Listening?

You helped us to Survive
We pray that you Survive
Camel Festival : A Deserving Tribute
The only Travel-Mate for Generations
Now Survive for our next Generations

You - the source of pride
Now - the surce of entertaining ride

Without Water - You can Survive
Human Greed - Who can Survive?

You could eat thrny bushes
You could always be trusted
Your milk is the perfect medicine

But who cares?

Some care only for your meat
You dont eat vegetation completely
But Humans eat you completely

Neverthless - continue
The world is like this
It will ignore - till you become priceless
The cruelity of Presperity
Launch "Project Camel" when you will diappear
Venerate you
Glamorise you
Shed tears for you
but alas
We will miss a true friend
History will have in its ambit
Your amazing dance
Your amazing ride

You are tall -  Ignore us all

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