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Cancer cures

Cancer cells spread like a crab
Until they form together holding
Each other and forming a growth

But the growth isn't the problem
As our cells grow and die every single day
If we have the slightest cut or injury

Or even just stroke our skin we shed cells
That have been born lived and died
Just as those that we excrete through faeces

So this is a totally natural process
Not one that needs surgery drug poisoning
Or radiation treatment
A poem of cure
We need to primarily prevent cancer
Through a healthy diet and exercise regime
Through a balanced mind and social life

Through learning the wonders of how fruits
Of the earth contain cyanide specially designed to kill ONLY the Cancer cells
Unlike conventional treatment that kills any cell

Healthy or cancerous alike
Our immune system has developed
A miraculous way of managing to deal
With cancer cells and growths over millions of years
We need to work WITH that natural immune system not against her

Let's eat the Hunza apricot seeds and
Many seeds and sproutings of the seeds
Let's eat all the colours of the rainbow
As nature guides our eyes to what is good
With knowledge that humany used to
Produce many grams of our own Vitamin C

We now produce infetissimally small amounts
So little that supplementation is the only way
To deal with the modern demands of
Combating chemical pollution in the home and transport pollution outside

So all praise to nature and the farmer
That gives us good clean wholesome fruits of the land
That as Hippocrates said: Let medicine be your food and let food be your medicine! 

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