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The She in your life

I am she, who’s birth was condemned and was treated as a mere burden.
I am she, who was taught to be always lesser then her brother and was made to walk with head facing the ground.
I am she who’s education was thought to be waste of money and marriage was the only priority.
I am she whom you married and brought home, but whom you never considered to be your own.
The She in your life
I am she who works day and night, in spite of pain in back and ache in heart.
I am she who bore our kids and toils hard to see them grow rightly.
I am she who left behind all the wishes and talents, to be the caretaker of your home.
I am she, who stands in front of the mirror just to make you glance at me a little.

I am she who wishes not only to be your companion physically but to support you emotionally.
I am she, who does not yearn for your riches, but expect just a little Care and concern from you always.
I am she who quietly listens to your shouts with silent tears in eyes.
I am she who wishes to take a break and walk free, yet sacrifices to see all happy.

I am she who wishes no award but just a little place in your heart.
I am the she in your life,
Still the she
And shall always be.

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