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Work it out

When the echoes become wild
And hearing becomes strained
Everything becomes noise and chaos
So the pleasant sound of peace is lost
And the meaningful becomes meaningless
Work it out
When echoes grow mild
And speeches become retorted
Entering into the deep becomes a concern
So that a pleasant sound of peace is heard
And for the meaningless to be meaningful

Peace is always at war with words and thoughts
And war at peace with words and thoughts
But the action to take in wild or mild echoes
Defines the meaningful and the meaningless

How is music composed?
That it becomes pleasing to the soul
How are the lyrics arranged?
That the confused and the disappointed find solace

The moon and the sun are both in the sky
But they take turns in giving out light
The moon and the stars are both in the sky
And are able to give light at the same time

Work it out with thoughts but not naught

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