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Great photographs: Your motivation to travel in 2017

While most people love to travel, one of the disappointing part of it a lot of times is, not being able to capture the moment or the view, the way you want to, although you might have a great camera. Here is a short quick guide that shall help you with some of the most important photography tips so that you get back much happier next time, with some great pictures!
What’s keeping you from traveling where you want to go the most? Is it the cost? Is it the risk? Are you uncertain who will go with you? 
Great photographs: Your motivation to travel
The benefits of travel far outweigh the negatives. Think of the experiences you’ll have, the people you’ll meet, the sites you’ll see. There are amazing cities with smells of spices and perfumes and vegetation and people in all their various activities. There are vast expanses of jungle and freshwater and grassy planes. There are arching bridges. Rugged rocks. Purple mountains with white peaks.   

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to do things for others. You don’t just want to travel for your own pleasure. It’s selfish. Then let fantastic photos be your motivation. With the internet, people all over the world will enjoy the fruits of your journey. You’ll share an art with the world, the wonder of a fresh perspective. 

How to take great travel photos

Great photographs: Your motivation to travel
These travel photography tips will help you snap some awesome photos on the road: 

- Start early - In the morning the world is fresh and the sun is rising; start early, scout out the best locations, and you’ll get some of the best material when the first light comes

- Get three different perspectives - In any setting, try looking at it three different ways, take photos, and see how they turn out; you’ll have a nice selection to choose from later

- Shoot “identifiers of scale” - Within a large landscape, photograph identifiable objects and photograph people to give the viewer a good idea of the setting’s size

- Pay attention to detail - The small things can often make the photo great; zone in on details--shadows, textures, etc--that tell the story of where you are

- Choose appropriate gear - Especially if you’re doing a lot of hiking, an iPhone or other smartphone with a quality camera is a good choice; try including a mobile lens that mounts onto your phone

- Have camera on hand - You never know when something worth shooting is going to pop up

- Shoot movement - Whoever you’re with, or anyone you’re around, watch for activity and photograph it in the moment

- Experiment with lighting - Lighting changes how colors look to the human eye; sunrise and sunset are great times to try out all sorts of different angles and shots

- Enjoy yourself - Whoever you’re with, document the fun you’re having; take photos that show just how great they are

I can’t overstate the value of amazing travel photos. They’re a way to remind yourself of where you were, and people love looking at them. They’re always unique, because no one else was there at that exact same time in that exact same place. They’re art. Everyone benefits from art you put your heart and soul into.

Aerial photography

Great photographs: Your motivation to travel
Now you may be ready to take it to the next level. If you continue traveling and snapping amazing photos, it’s quite possible you could make a living off of what you see. This is all for the sake of more art, more travel, and better photos.

The next plateau of travel photography is aerial photos. If you’re looking at getting high-tech, quality aerial shots, here are some things you should know about aerial photography: 

- You’ll need a multirotor drone that takes photographs 

- Get a neutral density filter to prevent overexposure in the light

- Try a circular polarizer for better depth perception

- Take advantage of sunlight for lighting

- If it’s really bright out, use a lens hood

- Balance the props on your drone for sharper images

- Use through-the-lens metering to help the camera measure intensity of light

- A photo editing program can help correct lens distortion

- Make sure batteries are warm for longer flight times

- Shoot in HDR and BRACKETED EXPOSURE mode

- Clean your lens before each flight The ability to take aerial photographs like a pro will render you invaluable to your viewers. There are very few people who can do this well. Master the art and you’re on the inside track of travel photography. Remember, these photos are useful for people across the globe.

Keep your eyes on the world and in the moment. Think about travel photography as a way to lend a brand new perspective to the viewer. Book that trip you’ve always wanted to take, keep your camera by your side, and don’t look back. 

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