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Life: I call It Love

If life is a journey, and man is a vehicle, then the best fuel for a successful completion of this journey is love. This is a secret that is known to all, but implemented by few. And when we substitute some other emotion and make it our fuel, the vehicle cannot perform as well as it should. The journey of life is then no longer smooth, but becomes jumpy, noisy, bouncy, rough, uncomfortable and prone to frequent breakdowns, and constantly needing help from others to set it right.
life i call it love,peace
Unlike fossil fuels which are used in actual vehicles, the fuel called love is available in plenty and will not get depleted. Every person born on this planet is the source of this fuel called love. He is capable of loving 24*7. Love is our natural state. Unfortunately, this natural state gets corrupted that results in contaminated (deteriorated) fuel, and then the same is produced and used to run life. Love works slowly as compared to its opposite emotions fear and hate. Though love is natural, fear and hate come to us easily. If you want to get group of people together for a common cause and under a common platform, love for something might take you years to unite them. Fear and Hate can work in a matter of minutes. Hence, the natural enemies of love are much more powerful and appealing. Love appeals to the true being or soul, while the mind thrives on hate and fear.

Why do we allow fear to predominate over our lives, when we all know that love is the true fuel of life? This is where the mind comes in. Our true being or spirit thrives only on love. But between our spirit and our body is another important entity, the mind. The con-trol of our lives, instead of being in the hand of the spirit, has been taken over by the mind. And the mind is a very complex entity. it is Logical and illogical , rational and irra-tional, good and bad, loving and hating, giving and grabbing, killing and rescuing, full of hope and help, while also filled with hopelessness and helplessness, simultaneously. the mind is a paradox(ambiguity or uncertain) unpredictable, unknown, with its own way of functioning. it is volatile and restless, but yet, it constantly seeks peace, stillness and stability.
To be with the mind means our lives would be like a roller coaster ride. the stability and stillness that we seek in our lives, the rest and relaxation that we crave, the peace and calmness that we desperately need, are not to be found in the arena of the mind. If they are found, they will come paired with their respective opposites. This is the dual nature of life. Duality is always of the mind. The spirit or soul is always one. And it needs only one fuel and that is love. One cannot get love without first giving love. That is the law of nature. As a fact, giving comes before receiving, sowing comes before reaping. But most of us seek and hope to receive without wanting to give. So, first give love if you want to be loved. And then we will receive love, a thousand times more.

It needs us only to take the first small step of giving. Mother Teresa said "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

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Basanthi Vaishnav
Basanthi Vaishnav is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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