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My Daughter

When you smiled looking at me as soon as I am home, I killed all my tiredness and got tremendous energy to play with you all night. When you fell asleep on my shoulders, I didn't want to put you on the bed, I just wanted you to sleep peacefully the whole night. When you got winced because of bad dreams and held my shirt tightly, I wanted to enter your dream to thrash out the thing threatening you. Since I couldn't do so, I told you only good stories to keep you away from those bad dreams and help you have a sweet dream.

When you stood up for the first time holding my finger and started to run around with loud laugh, I knew you wanted to grow up faster and learn everything. But I had a fear of you getting hurt. I just made sure; you learn everything without any trouble. You are my Beautiful princess and always tried to let you live like a princess.
When you started speaking, every word you said with your cute little voice was sweeter than honey. Every time you spoke a new word, it was a celebration time for me. You are my angel, who makes me forget all the pain and makes me happy and smile every second.

I wanted to buy you everything even before you ask for it; I guess most of the times I did do that.. At times when I failed to get you the things you asked for in time, I wished I had magical powers to get you in seconds. You are the most beautiful girl, who accepted all my gifts and liked whole heartedly everything I bought for you without complaining.

When you were afraid of going to school, I wanted to come and sit beside you in the school. But, I wanted you to enjoy your school life with new friends and people around. I always had all the time in the world to listen to you.

When you wanted to go out with your friends, play and have fun, I was hoping, everyone around you takes care of you. Every minute you are out there, I wanted to create a powerful shield around you that can protect you all the time. I was praying that you choose the right friends, who are there for you, when I am not around.

When you wanted to stay out overnight, I was worried if my doll gets all the comforts or no. When you say, I am not a kid anymore and I can take care of myself, I heard that am not away from your hear for you not hear me. Whenever you were out, I was looking at my phone ever now and then, awaiting your call.
When you wanted to marry a guy whom you love, I just wanted to see him loving you more than I do. I always wished you marry someone who takes care of you better than me. When you had your own baby, I was worried, how will my dear little baby take care of another small baby. But you are an amazing sweetheart. You exceeded my expectations in everything by miles. You are my Happiness, Even now when you smile, I get tons of energy.

Keep Smiling My dear lovely daughter!

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Anil Kumar KN
Anil Kumar KN is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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