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REALITY in the world of possibilities!

I wish to own a Bugatti Veyron.... REALLY? Live in reality!
I will soon own an island.... WHEN? Live in reality.
I will transform the world....HOW? Live in reality.
Before I answer these simple questions and start living in reality, I wish to answer by questioning, What is reality?
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Why do most of the people around us want/want us to live in reality? I mean most people be-cause I strongly believe that if you have made an effort to come here and give a glance at this title, this just means you are not like the rest who just wanted to spend life in rest talking about reality.

So I, from the bottom of my heart appreciate you for what you are and congratulate you for all the barriers that you have crossed to reach the place you are at. I wish you all the best to achieve all that you want to each and every time.

But let me tell you what reality is and what is the world of possibilities.

If living in reality was to underestimate self or to live hopelessly blaming, things are just not possible. Then reality is not the world of possibilities. It's where LOOSERS stay! But WE always have a chance to progress. It's life! Keep walking. Your movement is the beginning of a revolutionary movement. If you are surrounded by such people then maybe you've made a choice by chance.

But if you are hit by the same rock again, in spite of all the efforts put in right way; then just remember it's time to strengthen your dreams. May be the dreams are weak to grow, may be they're undernourished. So, nourishment is a must and nourishing your dreams doesn't just mean improving your thought process.

It sometimes might be something that just gives them a blow, a strong blow and it takes immense courage and faith and in fact all that you've got to wipe the oozing blood and just gather all the inner strength to support them, stand up and get back to the fight to battle the world. IT'S ALL IN THE GAME OF MIND.

Now let me explain why people think so. As Robin Sharma quotes in Discover your Destiny- 'only people who've gone through immense pain can cause such pain to others'. But this doesn't mean you should cause such pain, instead tell people how to take and tackle pain and how to let it not tear us apart. Dreams determine our destiny is what I strongly believe. Dreams have that immense power to create a new world, a world of possibilities for you but the question is do you dare to dream, dream big?

If your answer is No, then please stop bluffing yourself. It's enough. You wouldn't have read all these lines which make no sense to your reality with this patience. So the answer is a definite YES. Then what are you waiting for? I have nothing more to tell. The moment you realise you can dream, give it some life and let it give you some life as well.
While talking to a friend of mine, I realised how far I've travelled from reality and now it's time for US to actually feel proud of selves for what we are today and where we've reached today. Now let's not just get satisfied with what we are but feel the urge to be what you want to be. Each corner of the world is craving for a change not all of them are able to hear it. Now that we have, let's get out and support it. Let's begin and let's keep moving!

NOTE: With no dreams exists no reality. Never dream reality instead realise your dreams!

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Beena Chowdary
Beena Chowdary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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