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Shining Sun for Me, And a Shelter As well

The day was there when I was sad
No one was there to come
Embrace me hard and ask
Me, why am I that way

I cried for them who were with me at every cherished day
I tried to call them all but no one came my way
shining sun for me,cherish
Was sitting in a dark room
With heart full of fears
Was alone in the empty house
Eyes full of tears

And he came to me
Hold my hand softly
Never asked me what happened?
Because he understands me
He makes me look outside
For a beautiful day in all
He's a shining sun for me
And a shelter as well

I never thought that he loved me this much
He never let anyone hurt me as such
He stays with me;
Even though I commit the biggest mistake in my life;
From the deadly hardships
He is the only one who makes me survive

He never said
But I still feel that
He loved me the most
As he feels I am a part of his heart
He makes me think all useful things
He talks softly never yells
He's a shining sun for me
And a shelter as well

He never hurts me
But I did a lot more times
Those were not intentionally
Maybe this is why God make me realize
The love I have is better
Then the love I will have or maybe not
And there are sometimes fight between us
And after that both of us got stressed
I prefer my ego at that time
And never say sorry
And all the times
The mistake is done by me
But still I never go and apologize
I feel guilty although all the times
Again he came first
And never remind the fight we had
He tries to do everything
That could make me glad
He took me to the ice-cream parlor
Because I know I love it
In every way he could
He serves it

And he care for me
So that I never fall down
He saves me from every curse
In the sea of scary world, he never let me drown
He made me reach the top mountain
And hold my hand there so that I never fell
Yes he is a shining sun for me
And a shelter as well

"Dad, I love you"

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