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Michael Dane Lewis

Tell us about your current whereabouts.

I am living in central Jamaica, the home of the fastest man on earth; Usain Bolt. My country is well known for its unique culture. Jamaica has a culture which forms a kaleidoscope of ancestors which consequently enabled our cultural diversity. Hence, our motto: 'Out of Many One People', which describes the diversity of our people and culture in a nut shell. Where I am located, people are culturally and historically daring, creative and competitive and have a spirit so beautiful that is matched only by the physical beauty of the most magical little famous island in the world. No matter to what nation an individual belongs, they will fit perfectly into Jamaica's arranged societal puzzle.

Brief us about your background and qualification

Being born and raised in the pitiable community of Glenmuir Housing Scheme; Clarendon, has equipped me with the physical and moral capacity to aid and help other youth who are experiencing problems. I grew up in a single parent family; I am the only child for my father. I never allow that to affect me. I don't think of myself as a poor deprived youth who is doing good. I think of myself as someone who from an early age knew that I had to make the best of my opportunities. I believe that the greatest discovery of all time is that one can change his/her future by just changing his/her attitude and the biggest adventure one can take up is to live the life of his/her dreams. I am a true epitome of a substantially successful young Jamaican and am able not only to make a difference in my life, but in other people's lives as well.
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As it pertains to qualifications, I am a 19 year old who only has an Associate Degree in the field of Arts. I love performing! I love being on stage, speaking, doing drama, acting, singing (in the shower!) and also dancing. Going out for a dinner or to a music gig or festival is something I really enjoy. I also enjoy meeting new people, learning about others and what interesting things or stories they have to tell me. I plan to attend university to study Media and Communications to meticulously help in composing parts of Jamaica's and the World's history by being a 'watchdog' for society as my grandmother would coin it. Simply put, I want to become one of the best journalists and embrace a change by contributing in meaningful ways to social, economic, spiritual, business, environmental and political growth and development.

Give us an insight about your achievements.

Well, I enjoy arts and have participated in many competitions for which I obtained many awards and media highlights. I was awarded the Prime Minister's Youth Award in the category of Arts and Culture. This award is the highest honour bestowed on Jamaicans between 15 and 24 years of age, who have achieved eminent national and international distinction. In 2011, I also obtained the first and fourth highest score for CSEC Theatre Arts in Jamaica and the Caribbean respectively out of a vast number of students. In the recent ICON OF THE MONTH Competition held by IU eMagazine I was placed 3rd in the Month of June. Just the other day, I was overwhelmed when I was awarded by my high school the title 'student school's ambassador' at their prize giving ceremony. Because of the YOUR BIG YEAR Competition, I am an ambassador of World Merit, a global platform of emerging millennial visionaries and leaders and I am humbled to be placed in the Top 120 from thousands of competitors around the world.

How does it feel to have achieved the title of Mr. Teen Caribbean United Nations 2013?

Winning the title as Mr. Caribbean United Nations was in truth and in fact, a bit of a surprise for me. All the contestants were talented and intelligent and our minds were directed towards having fun in the competition since we were constantly reminded by the pageant director; Mr L. Williams that we shouldn't believe in failure because it isn't failure if we've enjoyed the process, which I certainly did. However, it is a surreal feeling that fills me with humility and honour. It is a dream come true to be a part of another international competition and represent not only the different Caribbean countries, but myself and have the opportunity to be a world ambassador.

Who is your inspiration?

At first, I would have said Oprah Winfrey because she is is a global leader and philanthropist and through the power of media she has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world including myself. She creates an atmosphere of openness, deals with difficult issues in a straightforward manner, listens well and shares information completely. She demonstrates the ability to motivate and she is persistent in commitments to charity. She has natural leadership skills and I want to emulate those skills. However, I met a man. He is a man of substance, a man with a strong and complete personality! He is confident, strong minded, influential, positive and an awesome individual who can hold a firm conversation. He is independent, soulful and an elite role model who has strong values and a moral while at the same time is humorous and understanding. This man is my inspiration - he is Mr. Chris Arnold.
How do you want to inspire the youth of today?

In my eyes I visualize that some individuals in Jamaica and around the world lack confidence and motivation. Hence, my inspirational platform is cantered on self-motivation and confidence which I believe are the two internal driving forces to achieve something worthwhile. I want to be an amazing ambassador for the world. To be able to make a difference on such a large scale inspires me and my dream is to be able to do this full time. I want to work with and for the world to create positive change by taking action. I want to make happen a positive change and be able to embrace many countries, people's ways of life and find a way of bringing all of these together as one.

What are the responsibilities of the youth today towards the development of the society according to you?

I truly believe that if youth understands their responsibilities in today's society, a large number of crimes can reduce as each day goes by. I believe that each youth should be serious about becoming educated or obtaining a skill because youth is solely responsible to build the nation both literally and figuratively, make the society noble and improve the different communities and cultures of society. We all know and realize that, 'the youth is our future'.

What do you do when you are confused?

I am thoroughly organized. Hence I am constantly creating lists and action plans to ensure I don't get confused daily. However, if I do get confused, I will remain positive and relaxed and in comparison to a computer I would simply hibernate until my mind is refreshed and ready to continue.

What is the message that you want to give to our readers?

In addressing all the existing and potential readers of the IU eMagazine, I am imploring you all to be true to who you are and for what you stand. Be an inspiration and stay inspired.

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