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The Indian road and the ride

I love long drives but I love going around in a two wheeler more. Not as a rider but just the person sitting back. Here I am yet again with ten lessons that I learnt not as a rider but as an observer, sitting back on a two wheeler, in a ride out on the Indian road.

Can you please wear your Helmet?
Yes, it is a busy world. Time is ticking and there are a thousand things to do on your to-do list. (That's called exaggeration). But my dear friend it wouldn't take you more than 30 seconds to wear your helmet. Not everyone gets a replacement like Lord Ganesha. Similarly, you might not like to do certain things in life but you just need to do them because it's for your good. You carry your licenses, right?
the indian road and the ride,observer
Boss, than having a bad feeling, take a neck exercise immediately and look to your right and left. And take the road not taken. You can always apply Pythagoras theorem. Time to remember high school mathematics. When life shows you such signals, do not pause, take a diversion. Move on!

I am stuck - Really?
Just because there is a bus in front of you doesn't mean there is a signal. Look ahead, cruse-in between and move on. Many a time what we assume to be a boulder is actually not one. A pause is not a full stop but a comma. You are allowed to write your life the way you want it to be.

Carnival - Yes it is!
Take a minute to look around. Cars, Posters, People, Stores, Hospitals, Colors, Conversations - their funny expressions (I am sure you would have done this, trying to observe someone), LIFE! If the only thing you want to do is focus on the traffic in front, that is all you will see. Even in Life, you will always find all that you want to see.

Hello, you there?
Silence is the greatest agony when you are travelling with someone and when he/she doesn't talk. Trust me, it is. You have x feet, y kgs person who is travelling with you, who has a different experience, different taste, different tongue and is all the way different from you. Be a little selfish and get to know more. Next time push the stop but-ton when you start thinking about what happened and start recording the present.

You May go, Please.
Life is a race but not on the roads. There is no point exhibiting your racing skills on the road. At times, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, to move back doesn't actually mean you are giving up. Not all times taking lead is important sometimes giving up a little is leading.

Which way to go?
I find it very funny when people say I don't know the route, I can't go. My question to all those, when you don't explore, how would you know? No one is ever born with a route Map of the World permanently stored in the cells of brain. Ask and it shall be given - The Secret read. Ask and it will be told - I said. (That was a PJ). Similarly, no one ever actually knows what he/she wants to become, it's the exploration of the self that reveals the identity.

I need to give my bike for service. I need to give my bike for service. I need to give my bike for service. If you wonder why have I written in thrice, because no matter what the time, situation or place is, I have heard the same sentence without it getting re-framed. Please convert the need to action and get it done. Likewise, if you keep thinking about the "Need to-be-done" list, when will you actually do it?

Kick Start/Choke Start
Getting used to choke start can definitely reduce your time but never kick starting your vehicle is like sending an official invitation to trouble and giving him the permit to peek in anytime he wants. Things will go wrong as they sometimes will but why call them purposely for a coffee? Preparing on the last day of exam can also get you distinction but what if you meet with an accident the same day.
Speed is good! Not always.
The Wind gushing, the speedometer needle hitting the max and a person sitting back, shouting at the top of his/her voice. Wait! This isn't the scene of a Bollywood Movie, it does happen in real life. Thrilling, Nerve tingling, Madness may lead you to Bed number 45, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore.

What I am trying to say is, remember you have a responsibility, a family and people who look up to you. You needn't always do something just because something excites you. There is a whole lot of a world which is looking upto you.

After a long ride....Having a cup of tea, a little music and a comforting Sofa is such a perfect combi. Agree? These were mine, do share yours in the comments column. Would love to read those. :)

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