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The Inner You

Dreams, the driving force of mind,
Heart and brain together they bind;
Appropriately act as a 'beacon of light',
Amazingly solves all the self-fights.
the inner you,dream
Live your dreams with enough trust,
Pour in, and let your energy burst;
Don't give up or else the iron will rust,
Just think, I can! I will! And I must!

Dreams, follow them up with action,
Make them your life's ambition;
Let following your heart be your vision,
I am sure, there won't be any more confusion.

Dream, and bring out your inner self,
The whiz, the genius hidden on a shelf,
And you will see God will help you himself,
Whether your wish is to be a wizard, human or Elf!

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Khushboo Betala
Khushboo Betala is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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